Pure Perfect skin-lightening cream being tested after users complained cream “destroyed” their skin

Important Alert: This article has received multiple fake or fraudulent comments

Senior head of the skin clinic at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Dr Ncoza Dlova, said she had sent samples of Pure Perfect for analysis after 15 patients said the product had caused them to break out in acne or darkened the colour of their skin. Other Durban dermatologists had seen patients with similar complaints after using the facial cream, which sold for nearly R1000 in 11 selected stores countrywide. In an online blog, Pure Perfect users posted complaints saying that the product had “destroyed” their skin.

“What usually happens with skin lighteners is that in the first month or so your skin will look really nice and, as a result, patients get a false sense of improvement. Then, four to six months later, they will start to see complications, but by then the damage would already have been done,” said Dlova.

“I have been working with a chemist and I have sent a sample of Pure Perfect to be analysed where they will look for the presence of steroids or any banned substances.” Efforts to contact Pure Perfect were unsuccessful.

Former Miss India South Africa and actress, Sorisha Naidoo, endorsed the skin-lightening product

Actress Sorisha Naidoo endorsed the US-based skin lightening product after criticism of her skin colour. However, in December, she admitted in a half-page advertisement in a local newspaper that she had co-developed a “new and improved parfait”, as the old cream had caused her to go from “a beautiful white shade to a very pink, flushed tone”.

The new composition is said to cause “brighter, lighter and clearer skin within days”. The first product, according to Naidoo, was discontinued, as it bruised and scarred her face and neck.

“I constantly had to cover blotches and red marks or bruises on my neck or face. I met a cosmetologist from the UK in June who advised me that the product was exfoliating my skin faster than it could repair itself, hence the white tone of my skin was gone, only to be replaced by the very last layers of dermis.”

Naidoo said consumers who tried the new cream would experience transitional side-effects, but that these were “one step closer to happier and healthier whitening”.

On her website, Naidoo said the new product was passed by the Department of Health and did not contain any banned substances, including hydroquinone. She said that in the past three years several dermatologists had tested the products and found no harmful substances.

She was aware that some people had experienced negative reactions to the first cream.

“I believe, however, that these people weren’t using the product correctly.” She said she believed it was “good practice and every individual’s right” to have the product analyzed. She said both the old and the new products had received Medicines Control Council (MCC) verification under the cosmetic category.

Extracts from a Times Live article by Corrinne Louw and Teneshia Naidoo, published 30 January 2010 (original)


This post has received an inordinate amount of suspicious e-mails and comments. I feel it is my duty to warn unsuspecting readers.

Suspicious e-mails

1. E-mails from “a lawyer”

To date, I have received e-mails from a (supposed) lawyer representing Au’bede Distribution Inc., the exclusive distributor of Fair & Flawless skin care products. This person, who used a yahoo e-mail address, asked me to remove a specific comment cited below (from a commenter called Charlene) that mentioned the poor effects the cream had on her.

March 8th, 2010 at 4:16 pm · Reply

I am a former Fair and Flawless user. After a month of using the product my face and neck started swelling up like a blowfish and my skin became blotchy. My skin still hasn’t recovered after a year. I believe this contains steroids if you know what is good for you don’t use it!

I refused to take down the comment without sufficient evidence. However, in the interest of fairness, I also asked for product lab test certification that would easily prove there are no harmful ingredients in the product. I said I would be happy to post this proof on the website. However, this person did not furnish this certification and have ceased further e-mails. (To this day, my offer to post this evidence here remains.)

2. E-mails from Nikki2000 and Mandy Sweet

I then received two e-mails from a Nikki2000 and a Mandy Sweet. Both using yahoo e-mail addresses.  Oddly enough, Nikki2000 and Mandy Sweet later confessed to me that they were actually the same person.

Like the lawyer, the request was the same—for Charlene’s comment (above) to be removed.

Nikki2000/Mandy Sweet’s e-mails to me were significantly more vehement than the lawyer’s. But perhaps this is because “lawyers” (even so-called ones) have no choice but to maintain a professional tone, and “regular folk” can just say what they want. But let’s not split straws here… there’s more.

Suspicious comments

You cannot always trust what you read online. People post online comments under different names all the time to influence any number of things. However, this was just too blatant for me to ignore.

On 17 April 2010, three comments were posted coming from the same I.P address and within the space of 10 minutes (see the screenshot below).

Using three different names, this person encouraged the conversation  as if they were three different people.  However, he/she carelessly used the same e-mail address (most likely out of laziness because e-mail addresses are not viewable to readers).

You can still read all the original comments as I’ve not removed them.

Here are two more suspicious comments with the same e-mail addresses (again, probably out of laziness as these are not viewable to readers) and using two different names within the same day.

I suspect there could be more of such fake comments. Scroll through them below and you’ll start to see a pattern for some.

Unfortunately, with this update, this person (and others) will now know to mask their identities better.

Therefore, I ask you to please exercise caution and take ALL the comments posted to this article with a large grain of salt.

Stay smart. Stay safe.



63 Replies to “Pure Perfect skin-lightening cream being tested after users complained cream “destroyed” their skin”

  1. Thanks for this. What were the new and improved results? Is this an effective safe product? I know that Pure Perfect has a sister company called Fair & Flawless in the U.S., and some people complain of having the same skin irritations and some have good results. My guess is because of the large quantity of sepiwhite and AHA acids, perhaps? Is the new product improved and better now?

  2. “Pure Perfect”

    Thank you for your e-mail to Fair and Flawless, my name is Rachel and I represent Pure Perfect customer relations at Pure Perfect South Africa, we are very perturbed by your e-mail and would like to assure that the Fair and Flawless range is a fantastic range of products which work wonderfully and very successfully. We would like to clarify that the recent negative press has been due to threatened fraternities in South Africa , which has caused unnecessary hype toward the product, we are currently on course to rectify the issues which was caused by a small group of people who we perceive as threatened by this highly successful product.
    Yours Sincerely

    Pure Perfect

  3. I am a former Fair and Flawless user. After a month of using the product my face and neck started swelling up like a blowfish and my skin became blotchy. My skin still hasn’t recovered after a year. I believe this contains steroids if you know what is good for you don’t use it!

    1. Charlene has recently been banned from a skincare forum for deceiving it’s Elite members and for supplying their e-mail addresses without permission to a low grade skin lightening operation in order to spam their e-mails in hopes for sales. I would not take what she says as truth as she has been found out to be a con artist who is willing to trick the innocent out of their hard earned cash to fill up her pockets without regards to others health.

  4. Hi. Its been 4 months that i am using the new improved parfait and i see no difference except that my skin is damaged with this product. My skin has gone dark and i’m breaking out alot with huge mattery pimples and i was asked to continue using it and it will get better. I’m not happy with this product, what can i do to get my skin back to the way it was. Please help.

    1. As I said in my response..about the facials, etc, and I feel that rooibos natural extracts products are the best. bioderma sunscreen spf100 is also gr8.

  5. I also had terrible results with the old parfait. It worked like a dream for a while, and a few months later it completely destroyed my skin. I am still battling to bring my skin back to its original state. I decided to try the new improved parfait, hoping it will make a difference to my skin, but its seems fruitless. The new parfait does nothing to your skin at all. All their advertising stating they have this new improved parfait is so false. It does nothing at all. What is pure perfect trying to prove now. I read that they are launching another version of the parfait, at double the price of the new improved parfait. Is this all about making money, or are they really interested in helping people with their skin…..makes u wonder !

  6. I am from Sorisha’s hometown, and I knew her to be a dark skinned girl. We used to think that she was one of the prettiest girls around. The complexion she is now is totally different to what she was and to be honest it looks so fake and plasticky. It’s like looking at Michael J all over again. If using this product lightens your skin to such an extent that going out in the sun and generally not breaking out into a sweat because of the task of re-applying it all the time; then lets face it…its not worth it. Just be you and be happy that all you have is dark skin…there are people out there who are worse off.
    The best skin advice I know….home facials with steaming, cleansing, exfoliating and masks….i am asked if Im pregnant all the time…such is the glow…altho I am dark!

    1. I used to do home steam facials and my skin turned out very smooth and clear and I was darker back then as well. All skin tones can benefit from steam facials!

  7. I am naturally a very dark skinned black girl and I used the old parfait for almost two years with amazing results before it was discontinued. I used it night and day for about a month until I achieved my desired tone which was a goldenish yellow colour, like Karabo (Generations). Then I’d apply it occasionally once a day some days to maintain my beautiful colour. It was an amazing confidence boost and my skin was so smooth and natural looking. The new parfait, however started burning my skin and my color went darker. Almost like it was in the beginning. I stopped it and am waiting anxiously for the return of the old parfait. Pls, Pls, pls bring back the old parfait for those of us it worked for, And there are many of us. You can still work on a new product for those that the old parfait was too strong for, but for me and my friends and family, the old parfait was the answer to our lifetime prayers.

    1. Coming Soon! The Original Pure Perfect Parfait
      exclusive to Pure Perfect Only.

      I think they are bringing it back!!

  8. YES,the orignal PARFAIT is BACK.I have been usinging it for 2 weeks now and never been happier.Have seen Pure perfects SABS certification of no banned substances and have more confidence than ever.Comprehensive consultion has been done by Sue at the Pure Perfect Salon in Umhlanga and now I know the do’s and don’t’s.
    AHAs have been lowered in concentration so there is no more thinning of the skin. I have faith in their honesty

  9. I have used the product ofr about two years, the old and new pure parfait, i followed the wonderful instructions and care tips given to me by Sue and i have’nt experienced any problems…

  10. I too have used both Parfaits and have been under Sue’s guidance and have had no problems.I think it’s important to have a experienced therapist to guide you along.I am now going to go back on the original gel formulation.It’s just a matter of choice.This product is fab if used properly.Give credit where it’s due,it’s about time we show some gratitude……

  11. Hi,

    I used the pure perfect parfait, a while ago, but stopped because my skin was thinning. But, i simply loved the product, it worked magic. I would like to try the original parfait again, but i am a little scared. I live in gauteng, so its not possible for me to consult with sue in durban. For those of u who have tried the original parfait again, does it work like the old one, and did any of you get any side effects.
    Please post comments on this site. Thanks.

  12. Hey Guys, I purchased the original parfait from Pure Perfect Salon in Umhlanga, I have used it for 10 days, they told me the difference is lowered fruit acids to stop the thinning, and a little bit of moisture but everything else is the same, apparently this new formula is exclusive to Pure Perfect in South Africa, my skin feels alot smoother and whiter already as I really hated the other parfait they brought out, will keep you posted but the most I can tell you is that it feels alot nicer on my skin. I saw Sorisha in Gateway and she looked pale, not crazy about the blonde hair though, but very pale.

  13. Was on the original parfait loved it, got really light, then used the creamy one they brought out and hated it, purchased the original a week ago and already seeing lightening…love it, hope they don’t take it away again, no wonder people went to the papers and got angry. I heard they are after Dr Dylan Naidoo and want to sue his ass for causing all the problems in the first place. Now that they have the SABS backing, they are being arrogant and expensive, but I need it!

  14. Hey i also went to Dr Dylan naidu, he gave me this wonderful cream, but lately I am getting very dark when in the sun, I think he put hydroquinone in my cream without my knowledge, spoke to my friends and they said the same thing is happening to them, do you think I should go back onto the Parfait?

  15. It is with great interest that I have been following all forums and blogs commenting on Pure Perfect, but I draw the line on this one when two mweb users purposely pose as Sue and Sorisha, the long and short of this whole mess has finally been put to rest and yet we tirelessly endure the same conversations over and over again. The story started 6 years ago when the Fair and Flawless product was imported into the country by our company Pure Perfect based in South Africa. We then discontinued the product after many years due to skin thinning, and launched a new product, this product did not work as effectively as the original and many people were angry and upset with the company, their skin reverted to their original colour and they made claims of skin being burnt, this caused dermatologists in Durban to test the product which led to an article in the Sunday Times Extra, in which the product was being probed for Hydroquinone, we have since had the past and present versions of the American product tested and come clear for the presence of hydroquinone. We are still awaiting the dermatologists results as well as the Sunday Times conclusion, which has been avoided since the probe almost two months ago.After contacting the US company we have come to an agreement to tweak the product, which means the fruit acid concentration has been lowered. We will not entertain any further comments on blogs and forums but welcome you to write to us at info@pureperfect.co.za if you require further information. Thank you to Hessa for creating these opportunities for many to share and comment.

    Pure Perfect
    South Africa

    1. Rachel,

      NO COMMENTERS had posed as anyone called “Sue or Sorisha”.

      It was only AFTER I did my digging that those e-mail addresses (with those names) were revealed. They would have normally stayed hidden on this website.

      This is an important point and to claim anything else would be misleading to readers.

  16. hey everyone I just came across this and was wondering if any of you had any more information on pure perfect and their new formula? I wish they hadn’t changed the formula since it opbviously worked for the actress, maybe they could have simply added a warning label saying if abused it could cause acne breakouts and other unpleasentries.

    I would like to use the same regimen as sorisha but hopefully I won’t look as bleached out.

  17. Hello, I was using the old parfait, just 1 tub and it softened my scarring- I am yellow/olive in complexion and seriously do not want to get bleached out like MJ or sorisha(looks scary), I hyperpigment when I scar, so I need to lighten/soften those marks. However, I did try the new parfait and I broke out in MULTIPLE pimples, now because I scar so badly, I really had dark marks all over my face. I want to know how on earth does a cream have such a reaction, surely sorisha tried these creams first before selling it to the public, why didnt she mention the side effects. I bought both creams from a beauty salon, I was told to keep using the new formula and it will get better. Ive offically stopped. I refuse to buy the parfait again, its way too costly and has long term negative effects(i.e what happens if you stop using it ;-( My advice, if a company does not have a guarantee to back their product up-there is an unknown lurking in the woodworks.

  18. I am using pure perfect paifait since 2007 nd from last year I started using the lgluthtion pills I am medium complexion I just want to know how come I have not reached the dramatic results that sorisha naidoo has I even use the leanser and toner I want that white look that she has

  19. i have just on a site looking for a good dermatologist and thought i found one – dermatology and skin care which is in manning rd, durban , is this the same guy mentioned with regards to this product…i am fair skinned and have a skin tone problem with old acne scars on my face and i definitely wouldnt want him to suggest this product to me … straight out the pot into the fire !!!
    let me know please !!

  20. i purchased my first pure perfect in 2008 (im not sure if this was the good or bad batch ) .. I used it for a few months and i had the most amazing results ..i loved it … until after i think Two months i started breaking out in to pimples thats were blistery and sore … it got so bad that i discontinued and seeked the help of a dermatologist .
    It took me abt a year to come rite .. i never used pure perfect until last month , i bought the Parfait , started seeing amazing results once again … but what i have noticed is that those pimples are appearing but not like the before . Can someone tell me is this the normal reaction ??? Cause i do love the product u do see results , its just with the money u spend u dont expect to have such adverse side affects …

  21. Hey I saw this huge poster with Sorisha at Ushaka Int.Airport and thought I should get this product! is the report back fm UKZN, Thanks for bringing the negative effects to the attention of the public.

  22. My skin ended up terribly discolored, i.e. hyperpigmentation, as a result of a severe allergy.
    I have been using Vikki Lamotta’s Perfect Skin Lightener for the past four months. It is working, but slowly. So far I have not had any bad effects. I will stick with it. I was considering Fair and Flawless until I read some of the comments on here. I don’t want to take a chance since it does not take much for me to break out.

  23. Hey, can anyone recommend a cost-effective regime of lightening without side- effects and one that has proven result.(I dont require dramatic results)
    Hope this is not a tall order.
    Im based in Durban, SA.
    Also what do you think of the pills gluathamine and Vit C- does it work on its own, and what can be expected fm this.
    Thank you

  24. i haveheard that in south africa there is skin lighterning pills and ingections its called msh anti skin lightening injection .
    is it true ,becase a women in zimbabwe are useing it ,thats wha i heard

    1. Hi

      Did you managed to use this product , if you have please email me on surekalallchand and tell me how its worked for you. many thanks

  25. Dark skin is beautiful. God created variety in colours and features and if we all looked like one race or one colour, then the world would be so boring. Even the wise saints in India described that” nothing can change the colour of ones skin, but we are only capable of changing and cleaning our hearts and minds.”

    Because of ignorance, racism and caste systems around the world, people and especially woman of dark skin have always been made to feel unattractive and looked down. This is impure knowledge and evil knowledge and we should not play into the hands of this type of negativity.

    I feel that any attempts to lighten ones skin is against Mother Nature and one will end up damaging their skin than achieving lighter skin. I donot mean to criticise this cream or its makers or its success,but please be aware of what you are doing to your selfs. Why have fair skin that is thinning, sufferring, and dry?When accept your natural colour and nourish your skin properly the way God intended.

  26. I noticed now I’m breaking into acne and my skin is not has bright. With immediate effect I’m stopping all pure perfect products!

  27. I hate people who promote skin lighteners. I dislike people make a push that dark skin is unattractive. Sorisha Naidoo, is one of them and I have to say I am not a fan of being fake of having fake skin.
    Dark is beautiful and Sorisha Nadioo used to be very dark and is now using all these fake creams to lighten her skin. Wait till she gets stuck without her creams and then what….will be pretty scary if you ask me. Her skin has a ghostly look as it is now and is not attractive by any standards. Just a shame that she has stooped to this level to want to be beautiful. Very very sad. Indians are proud people and if she cannot deal with her own brown skin, she should get professional help and not try to ruin other people’s confidence in their skin.

  28. The tone of people’s skin suit their features and that is why altough Sorisha whitened, it did not make her more attractive as her features where better suited to her original skin tone. You might think buying an expensive skin cream will help you, and I can understand why, media has portrayed beauty to be fairness. Just one piece of advice, by the time you are forthy you would have spent thousands of Rands on fairness creams, do the maths, ask yourself how much have you spent on creams? It is scary, the truth is that no matter how much your skin lightens you will still feel insecure and not good enough. Until you wake up and realise that you need to work on accepting who you are, you will ignore this message and carry on. Mark my words you can become as white as Micheal J but you not find contentment and happiness because that is something money cannot buy. Wake up women, own your lives. Stp hoping for miracles, if you cannot accept yourself who will.

  29. i think it is such a shame 2 want 2 change the colour u were born in,y do indians do that?just be happy with what god gave u,do u knw hw dangerous skin lightening is?look at bipasha basu she is not fair bt she is stunning,white does not mean beauty,u can end up losing ur life coz these lightners are not safe,its stripping the natural melanin ur skin produces and we definitely need that melanin coz with our environment it is very easy to get skin cancer,pls people b happy with what god has given u and celebrate life:)

  30. how much is the cream cause i need it i have an old scars in my legs i’ve tried everything nothing seems to be helping me. can i see the name of the cream i will be very happy if you managed to help me.

  31. I used pure perfect for 3 months. At first my skin was great and i did get lighter but after it became dark and I broke out with cystic acne.
    I thinks this cream has some dangerous ingredients that is not mentioned. I have stopped using pure perfect and it’s been 8 months and my skin is much better now. the acne cleared up and the scars have lightened up dramatically. I have been using Dermalogica Chromawhite range. The chromawhite range has ligtened and brightened my skin and the scars are almost gone. I urge people to be very careful with pure perfect. Is being fair really worth destroying your skin?
    I have learned the hard way.

  32. I was the first to contact Sorisha Naidoo in 2009 over facebook asking her why she had a different concentration in her product. She had partnered up with igea and had included the ingredient IDEBENONE. Please search its side effects on google and then you will see why she suddenly changed formulations.

    After I sent her a message guess what! She blocked me! Now if someone did not have something to hide why block a person? I always believe in trying a product itself to test it. Her product had no bad reaction on my skin however on my mums skin it created cystic acne and hyper-pigmentation which has never gone away.

    Idebenone was the original ingredient in elizabeth ardons prevage as well and they had to change formulations as well as many users had complained of harsh side effects.

    While I believe that every person has a right to make a choice regarding their aesthetics, I dont think anyone should try to make money of peoples self confidence issues.

    In 2009 on her website when the rand was trading above R10 to the dollar she blamed the high prices of her products to the exchange rate, now that the exchange rate has lowered her prices are even higher!!!!!

  33. I wish I had seen this blog before purchasing this product:( my skin feels burnt after a few days of using it. I wonder if I can possibly get this product tested?? Sum1 pls help.

  34. I have learned so much about all these different products. However, I’d like to try Dermalogica Chromawhite first. If it doesn’t work I’ll go for pure perfect parfait. Thanx a lot guys

  35. `please don’t be fooled. Sorish did not use the cream he is selling on herself. She has had a full body bleaching process.

  36. Hi, I have purchased products from Sue at the Umhlanga Branch this year. The eye cream, parfait, sunblock and fair & flawless Radiance Retore Elixir. I spent R4650 on the 20th July 2013. She advised me what products to purchase and I trusted her judgement as a beautician. I did not see these comments before purchasing and I wish I had because then I would never have purchased useless products like this. These products have caused tremendeous damage to my skin. The Parfait should not be sold. I have used these products and they do not work, infact it has damaged my skin instead. I have pimples on my skin and it has left scars. I never had problems with pimples before I used these products. The Parfait has caused major damage to my skin and it is taking so long for my skin to get back to normal again. The Radiance Elixir has also cause a breakout of acne on my neck, chest & back areas of my body and also that is taking so long to clear up. These peoples product do not work as they claim it would, instead it does the total opposite. They should be stopped from selling these products. They are robbing us poor women of our skin and money. Serosha should be ashamed of herself for selling products that do so much damage to the skin. That is why they cannot garantee your money back because they know that they are selling bad products. There is no after service or help from Sue. When you inform Sue that the product is having a bad reaction to your skin, she is not able to assist or help in anyway. Their attitude is that they are very big and have branches all over and they have money so they not interested in your problems concerning their products. As long as they have made some money of you they don’t care what happens thereafter. Don’t forget what goes around comes around………KARMA!!!!!

    1. Sorry to hear about your skin troubles, Anon, I hope they will clear up and heal over time.

      Thanks also for your warning to others.

      I’m quite saddened that these products are still on the market despite the disturbing consumer reviews that have been out there for years as well as this company’s rather shady practices, IMO.

      1. Hi Hessa,

        I appreciate your concern. I think action should be taken against this company, since there are
        so many complaints from customers.

        Their licence should be taken away for selling products that damage peoples skins because they do not care about the damage their products are doing to customers skins.

  37. Hi
    I purchased this product 2 days ago and only just saw these comments. So far no results nor complaints. I’m using the pimple soap and the gluta c night cream. Are there any recent complaints about this product?

  38. Hi i have used the soho parfait skin lightening cream about a month and half ago. The creams does lighten you, after a period of five weeks broke out so bad in pimples and it started darkening my skin, im completely off this product the people who stock this product as no invoices and request you pay cash for the creams. There is no packaging to the product. My skin as turned for the worse i am currently seeing a dermatologist. Please please do not buy any of her products. It will only cause you harm and grief.

  39. I have used pure perfect and it damaged my skin so badly. It took a year of prescription strength creams from a dermatologist to get my skin back to normal. I was so put off from ever using skin lightening creams again, I did a little research and came across the Lilee White skin lightening range, was a bit cautious at first but enquired about the ingredients and found out it was all natural plant extracts with no bleach or harmful chemicals. So I decided to purchase the body lotion and try it out. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it lightened up my dark skin on my knees and hands, well worth it! This is the number to order 0725194861

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