This site contains independent information on skin lightening (i.e. skin bleaching or skin whitening).

There are NO products for sale. Only unbiased and reliable content to keep you informed and safe.

Message from the webmaster:

I do believe it’s healthiest and kindest to love ourselves and each other as we are, regardless of our skin shade. But I also understand and respect that we all need to reach that place at our own time and when we are ready (as with all things in life).

But in the meantime, if you feel very strongly about wanting to lighten your skin pigmentation, then I hope you will consider choosing healthy and safe options like Vitamin C supplementation instead of risky creams that promise a lot, but contain dangerous chemicals like mercury.


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  • How does taking extra Vitamin C lighten skin? Vitamin C doesn’t just increase the Vitamin C levels in our blood, it also increases two more very important antioxidants – glutathione (a major antioxidant) and Vitamin E (a fat-soluble antioxidant).