India is no stranger to facial and body bleaching commercials. But this is a first — an ad for bleaching what’s between a woman’s legs.

Watch the video and make of it what you will. The Internets has been busy with articles criticising Midas Care, the company that produces ‘Clean and Dry Intimate Wash’ and the commercial. But I can’t help but think that the company wouldn’t have come up with either if they didn’t believe there is consumer demand.

As dumb (and unintentionally hilarious) as I find this commercial, I don’t think the company has anything to apologise for. It’s a business, and businesses only exist to make money. They’re not here to be our moral beacons. If anything, the products they sell reflect society/us.

Also, if too few people buy their ‘wash’, then the company will do what any would. Eventually pull the products off their factory lines and their marketing budgets for it. It disappears, and becomes a fading memory over time.  No harm, no foul.

If the reverse happens and this ‘wash’ sells like hotcakes, then we’d all be forced to learn more about ourselves and how we think/feel about ourselves. It may not feel comfortable, but sometimes it’s good to hold up a mirror and see all the things in us that we’re afraid to.

After all, how else will the world change?