Video: Malaysian ad shows being slim and light-skinned stops domestic abuse

A seller of a supplement called Slimme White decided the best way to increase the sales of its products is to tell women some hard “truths” about themselves. In this commercial, the message to women is that you can be treated with respect and loved by the man you married (and not abused, thrown out and subsequently divorced!).

Just make sure you’re thin and your skin is as white as can be first. Got it, ladies?

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New York Times: Where beauty means bleached skin

In the Makola Market here, endless shops and stalls had walls filled with potions dedicated to the lightening of skin. There is Ultra Fair Super Whitenizer by Caring Chemistry promising “restorative ultrafast action whitening” and Grace White 100% Double Action Whitening Body Lotion by Grace White Cosmetique that even features helpful before-and-after photos; the “before”

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Video: Chinese detergent commercial shows a black man being washed clean into an Asian man

A detergent commercial in China has sparked criticism as it depicts a woman throwing a black man into a washing machine. After a wash and a tumble, he comes out as a light-skinned Asian man, to the woman’s obvious delight. Oddly, this racist ad was actually based on a detergent commercial in Italy that showed the opposite happening. Reverse racism, anyone?

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