‘Whitening’ salmon sperm soap being sold in Thailand

A Thai online ad for salmon sperm soap that claims to whiten skin

The latest testament to how far Thais will go to have whiter skin is a product currently making the rounds online — a soap that is claimed to be made from salmon semen.

The salmon semen soap is about 50 baht a bar on social media, where it is claimed it will help whiten skin. The product has become much talked about as people wonder whether the substance can really help with skin tone.

The online ad claims that the product can produce a whiter complexion than glutathione, arbutin, vitamin C and all other substances.

However, researcher Weerachai Phutdhawong expressed doubt about its whitening qualities.

He said claims that a product can change skin colour which are not supported by scientific proof are considered a violation of cosmetics control laws and subject to a penalty of one year imprisonment and/or a fine of 100,000 baht.

Institute of Dermatology deputy director Jinda Rojanamatin said he never heard of salmon semen being used in a whitening product before.

Extracts from a Bangkok Post article (original). Published 11 November 2015.

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