Watch this riveting documentary about how Asians and Africans living in the UK are seeking to change their facial appearance to look more Caucasian.

Some images of surgery are shown, so viewer discretion is advised.

Bleach, Nip, Tuck: The White Beauty Myth ep1 1/4 by NzingahMorena

The 40-minute documentary follows a few people.

  • Jet, a Caribbean model who wants a nose job to look more European. She faces scorn from her fellow blacks for her desire to change her nose. She says, “The nose that I have right now just doesn’t go with my lifestyle, the environment I live in, the clothes I wear and the circles I socialize in. It doesn’t look elegant.”
  • Tahira, a Bangladeshi mother who wants lighter skin. She faces derision for her darker skin within her own Asian community, which upsets her young daughter who just wants her mother to be happy.
  • Mun, an Indian male model who wants facial surgery to achieve a more European look. Eleven years ago, Mun was violently attacked by a group of white men for being Asian.
  • Hajib wants plastic surgery to look more Western and escape from the prejudice that Muslims face. He is afraid that if he doesn’t look white, he’ll have a harder time finding a job in the UK.