Skin bleaching with monobenzone

If you’re considering using monobenzone to achieve a lighter complexion – stop. If you have already started using monobenzone and you do not have vitiligo, stop immediately.

(Did that grab your attention? I hope it did!)

Of all the chemicals that bleach the skin, monobenzone is the worst thing anyone with normal skin can use.  And by ‘normal skin’, I mean the skin of someone without vitiligo.

  • If you have dark marks from acne, scars or melasma, you have normal skin.
  • If you have skin that has gotten darker through years of tanning or being under the sun, you have normal skin.

Compare that to the skin of a vitiligo sufferer, whose immune system is attacking melanocytes. And before I go on any further, I think it’s important for you to first understand what vitiligo is.

So what is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a relatively common skin disease affecting about one out of every hundred people. With vitiligo, the body works to kill melanocytes (cells that give us our color) causing the skin to turn white in patches. This bleaching effect can also sometimes affect hair as well as mucous membranes inside the nose and mouth.

No one knows what causes vitiligo for sure. For now, only theories exist. Vitiligo may be due to:

  • Genetic causes
  • Environmental causes
  • Autoimmune abnormality

The disease can spread, rapidly or slowly, to cover the entire body surface (universal vitiligo) but the most common form appears in a symmetrical form (generalized vitiligo). Sometimes, only half of the body is affected (segmental vitiligo).

Vitiligo affects both men and women regardless of skin color or ethnicity. Vitiligo can occur at any age, but most develop it before they turn twenty. It is not infectious. Meaning you cannot catch it from someone with vitiligo.

More information on vitiligo and vitiligo support:

And what is monobenzone?

Monobenzone is a depigmenting treatment for cases of extensive vitiligo, where the patches of white skin are too large to be treated for repigmentation.

There are a few things you should know about this chemical called monobenzone:

  • Scientists still do not fully understand how monobenzone works.
  • Its effects are unpredictable and may not lead to complete depigmentation.
  • Monobenzone is usually also the last resort for someone with vitiligo.

Monobenzone creams appear to cause depigmentation by killing the skin’s melanocytes. However, later studies have shown that while it probably kills melanocytes in the epidermis, it has no effect on the follicular reservoir. Therefore, it is not unusual for spots of original color to return after a few years of good results. Sun exposure may possibly speed up the return of pigmentation.

In vitiligo sufferers, monobenzone use may lead to pigment-free skin within 1 to 2 years. However, monobenzone has unpredictable effects, and even vitiligo sufferers being treated with monobenzone by their doctors have difficulty maintaining their even and white color. Spots of pigmentation may reappear after several years because of the follicular reservoirs that can produce melanin.

Michael Jackson was the world’s most famous person with vitiligo. Yet, even after what was probably years of intense monobenzone treatment with the best doctors and all his resources, Michael Jackson still had to live under a veil of make-up and gloves. So even for vitiligo sufferers treated with monobenzone by their doctors, make-up and other ways of camouflaging the skin often become a way of life, as patches of color may remain resistant to depigmentation.

Using monobenzone can have serious consequences

Yet another downside… monobenzone poses risk to others

The process of completely depigmenting the skin with monobenzone is a long one (1-2 years). Unlike other skin treatments, using monobenzone could also put family members and close ones at risk of depigmenting due to accidental skin contact. Because monobenzone has to be handled carefully, vitiligo patients have to take extra precautions so that the cream does not inadvertently transfer itself through skin contact with members of their household. Thus, vitiligo patients undergoing monobenzone depigmenting treatment often only apply the cream when their children are at school to minimize the risk.

Q: Is monobenzone like hydroquinone?
A: No!

Most people desperate to lighten their skin make the mistake of thinking that monobenzone is one step up from hydroquinone and that it can boost their skin lightening progress. This is simply wrong.

Monobenzone should not be compared to hydroquinone or any other skin lightening ingredient. This is because monobenzone is not a skin lightener. In fact, it is unlike any other skin lighteners out there. Because of what it can do, monobenzone is in a class of its own. I am not sure where the confusion between monobenzone and hydroquinone started, but perhaps it is because monobenzone is also referred to as ‘monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone’.

Yes, it is true that monobenzone and hydroquinone are both ‘phenols’ and have similar chemical structures (see the table below), but the effects they have on the skin are as different as night and day.

If you do not have the time to read this entire page, the table below will give a quick summary of the differences between the effects of monobenzone and hydroquinone on normal skin of people who do not have vitiligo. If you do have time, read on — it just might save your skin!

Effects of monobenzone and hydroquinone on non-vitiligo users



First few months Initial white patches all over the body, including areas not treated with monobenzone. Skin color lightens a few shades where it is applied.
One year Large portion of body has turned white. Hydroquinone use should be limited to fewer than six months. Using it for longer can cause the opposite desired effect, skin darkening and damage.
If usage stops… When you stop using monobenzone, melanocytes will become active. Old skin color will start to reappear causing distress and very patchy, uneven skin. If the skin is healthy, the lighter shade can be maintained through regular sunscreen use. Otherwise, any lightening achieved can be easily reversed.
If usage continues beyond one year…

Raw areas of pink skin may emerge, mixed with white patches. Spots of original coloring may emerge within a few years due to follicular melanocytes. Monobenzone becomes ineffective on these spots as the returned pigment has become resistant to the chemical.

The overall effect can be devastating mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

The skin has a high risk of developing abnormal pigmentation like exogenous ochronosis.
Chemical structure monobenzone chemical structure hydroquinone chemical structure

What monobenzone does to normal skin

  • Initially, white patches, white spots and streaks all over the body (regardless of where the cream is applied)

Unlike skin lightening creams which only lighten the areas it is applied to, monobenzone applied anywhere on the body will lead to white patches at different areas. For example, if you applied monobenzone on your face, you could develop permanent white patches and streaks on your arms, legs and torso as well.

  • After one year… white skin, with ruddy or pinkish tones

Because monobenzone creams kill the skin’s melanocytes, you can expect completely white and pinkish skin following depigmentation. This usually occurs after approximately one year of monobenzone use. The skin color will be similar to a person with albinism. Physical activity and exercise will lead to ruddy-looking skin and flushing as the blood beneath the skin’s surface will show up clearly without any pigment to tint its appearance.

  • Within one to two years, the skin may start to repigment itself

While this repigmentation may happen to vitiligo sufferers as well, it occurs sooner and more aggressively in people with normal skin. This is because vitiligo sufferers’ immune systems are constantly attacking their own pigment cells. There is no such action in people with normal skin. In fully-functioning immune systems, melanocytes will become active again. Spots and patches of pigmentation will start to appear over previously white skin, leading to a patchy appearance.

Unlike the initial stage of using monobenzone, applying monobenzone to bleach these repigmented spots will likely have no effect. This is because the newly re-emerged melanocytes would have become resistant to monobenzone, so that even higher concentrations like 40% monobenzone may have little or no effect. In other words, at this late stage, monobenzone will stop working on the skin.

  • If the skin does not repigment, expect a lifetime of zero sun protection

Because melanin offers sun protection, completely depigmented skin that has no melanin offers zero sun protection. Vitiligo sufferers who have successfully depigmented need to wear hats, long sleeves and long pants outdoors all the time to protect themselves from sun damage. Even on cloudy days, sunscreens with broad coverage are a must.

The consequences of monobenzone use on people with normal skin

Often, someone without vitiligo who uses monobenzone in sufficiently high percentages (e.g. 20% monobenzone) and over a long period of time will have to be treated by a doctor as a new ‘vitiligo’ patient as there exists no way yet to reverse the damage caused by monobezone.

Additional Information on Monobenzone

Monobenzone goes by several other chemical names.

  1. Benzoquin
  2. Benzyl hydroquinone
  3. Hydroquinone benzyl ether/Hydroquinone monobenzyl ether
  4. Monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone/Monobenzyl hydroquinone
  5. Benzyl p-hydroxyphenyl ether
  6. p-Hydroxyphenyl benzyl ether

Monobenzone is distributed and sold under these brand names (this is not an inclusive list).

  1. Benoquin (the most popular)
  2. Leucodinine
  3. Alba-Dome
  4. Superlite
  5. Carmifal
  6. Depigman
  7. Novo-Depigman
  8. Dermochinona
  9. Monobenzon
  10. Pigmex
  11. AgeRite Alba
  12. Agerite

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  1. I used monobenzone for 2 1/2 yrs and i did’nt g et patches not that much litening either and it was real monobenzone. so to me it was a waste of time and money.

  2. I used monobenzone and I got darker. In some people the body will do the opposite and product more pigmentation. Now I have dark brown patches.

    1. Vitiligo is what my dermatologist said I have I have pretty light skin already now it is getting lighter fast in one big spot that is spreading . Here is what we think I was super sick for three years disabled I could hardly walk, talk or move or even breath I was on a oxygen tank and I think everyone assumed that I was dying and I was sure I die from the unbelievable symptoms I was in my thirties and dying from this unknown illness .The 51st doctor figured it out it was deadly mycotoxin poisoning which is deadly black mold in our newer house totally invisible and odorless. .I think this exposure caused some sort of autoimmune response I am not going to use something really toxic creme all over my body to depigmentation I would rather just lighten my face, neck and hands maybe arms from the elbow down seriously I do not want to just put deadly toxic stuff on my skin there must be another way…some other safe process but I’m not sure I just wearing studio makeup and my husband says you cant even tell at all where it is lightened up but most my face is lightener up and I have to wear major spf and hat and big sunglasses it is crazy making , I have no idea what to do . We are looking for safe alternatives

      1. I wanted to add we moved from our house and I’m well not except for skin issues and the dermatologist recommended Dermablend make up and I was thinking MAC because it is studio makeup.
        Also sorry about the girl in Iran people …some people can be so insensitive . Just tell them you have what Michael Jackson had and he had to wear gloves too

        1. I like this forum it helps. I sometimes feel lost … it make me sad that there are so few options. We researched all the options weighted the risks and dangers of creams, and HQ is carcinogenic and the unknown long term side effects is scary. If my Vitiligo gets worse, we have decided that best way for me is the lightening plastic surgery
          with lasers this is expensive, I believe the Hollywood stars may be doing this . I just know I can’t walk around like a patches doll and wear heavy make-up and look like a mannequin. For now I’m using pure kojic 2X to stop melanin at least have my face, neck ears, and hands can maybe begin to look like one color. Getting Glutathione IV’s and taking C, B3, and alpha lipoic acid . My friend told me that in China they can reverse this, so I’m thinking about finding the best Chinese Medicine doctor here and finding out about it

      2. Sorry, your having a hard time with monobenzone, the only side effect, I have is that I notice, when I apply more than usual, I have a hard time falling asleep.

        1. Hi Ingrid. I’m thinking of depigmenting my skin with mono but i dont have vitiligo. How are you doing? Do you have vitiligo? I’m just worried about these effects, but no other lightening products have worked for me.

          1. I DONT HAVE VITILIGO and I used the monobenzone cream for a year, (my skin is very white) for me it works, my legs where darker and I bleached them with this, after two years, everything is normal, I am perfect, and nothing was working for me too! I was tired of hydroquinone, kojic, and all, I just thinked that mono can works in normal skin and it works for me

          2. bro , i am also worried about same thing but many people had used monobenzone cream without vitiligo in their normal skin for them it works
            , for me also any other skin lightining products not works , i had used 2% hydro , it lighten my some of the areas , but even i does not satisfied , so
            i think you should start using monobenzone cream , and even micheal jackson is vitiligo and he also used this cream to lighten his skin as well as body in the combination of hydroquinone upto 10 % , one of the cream that i remember is porcelana with 2 % HQ ! thanks you , have a good day!

  3. I Have Vitiligo.I Have 49 years Old. I Use Of Menobenzen %20 ,10 years Ago.My Face And My Hand And Some Of Leg Had White.I Am Iranian. I Am Very Depress,Beacuse when I Go Anywhere In The Sun All off Pepole That See My ,Think I Am Bad Irani Person.Beacuse I weare gloves And Hat.Anywhere I Have A Quesion,That If Is Monenzen Injection And How I Can Preapre It Beacuse I Live InThe Iran .I tired To Use Of Monobenzen Cream.I Am sorry Because My english Is Bad.

    1. Hi Nisa, I’m very sorry for this late reply. I just want to say that your comment really touched me. I wish there was some way I could help you. To answer your question, I’ve not heard of monobenzone being administered by injection before. There is probably a good reason for that (monobenzone can be poisonous).

    2. Hello sister my name is Halima, I am 47 and I also have Vitiligo. I do not use any chemicals, l use a Camouflage creme to cover the areas affected by vitiligo. If u want I can tell you where to get it.

      1. Hello Halima,
        I also suffering from vitiligo. would be appreciated, if you could provided the info where to available Camouflage creme. We are staying in Dabai, United Arabai Emirates. Please let us know this madicine available in Dubai?
        Awaiting for your reply

      2. This is my first time on this site but have suffered with vitiligo on my face for about 10 years now. I have about 50 percent depigmentatiin on my face and was considering the use of monobenzone as my dermatologist is recommending it now. I would be interstellar in your info on what camouflage your using before this last resort. Thank you

      3. Hi Halima,

        I have a viltiligo too just lately spreading. I want to know where you buy the camouflage cream.
        Hope you can help me.Thanks in advance.

      4. Hi ! My name is Adriana and I got vitiligo since 8 years , I’m 30 years old now , and I’m so repressed because I’m getting more white patches on my face . I been trying camouflage creme to cover but it’s not working anymore for some reason 🙁 .
        I would like to know if I can use benobenzone and how ???
        Please I need advice !!

        1. About 90% body and 60% of face and hands are already four years.i got vitiligo at the age of 64 now I am 68 year old.should I use benoquin cream to dispigment rest of face and hands

    3. You must use hats , sunscreen and finish depigmentation, that way yourself esteem will not be a problem anymore… 🙂

    4. Azizzati Monobnzn I used the cream for a period of two years, but with time he became vice works as dim spots appeared Souala Is there an injection Monobnzn ?? Or any injection helps to unify the color for vitiligo patients … Atmani that they should make injection to patients Albhaq?blaz America Make it

  4. We are manufacuturing Monobenzone Cream. If you unable to afford Monobenzone Cream. Then you can contact for free monobenzone cream Treatment, Only for Vitiligo Patient.


      1. CORRECT !!! Fairnglow are SCAMMERS !!!! They are just behind your money !!!!
        Their ”MONO” is FAKE as well (FULL OF STEROIDS / MERCURY) !!!!
        Purity test was done with Mercury in it, BUT NO trace of Mono was found !!!

    1. I am 26 years old and have vitiligo for 10 years 30% de pigmented on my can I get free monobebzone

  5. B*******! I’ve used Monobenzone 3 % on normal skin and i luv the results NOTHInG HAS HAPPENED! DONT BELEIVE NEGATIVE ARTICLES..their just hatars! I have a few shades lighter with an even tone.

    1. Hi mate… its wonderful to know you have got good results with monobenzone.

      Can I ask you where did you purchase your mono from and how much does it cost ?

      1. This is highly inappropriate and shameful.

        My article is clearly about the dangers of monobenzone use. I am all for a well-balanced discussion and hearing two sides of a story, but when it comes to monobenzone, the risks FAR outweigh what slim possibility of reward there is.

        I will say this —- no one can and will ever stop anyone else from using monobenzone if that is what they want. You always have freedom of choice. My article cannot stop you or anyone else from using monobenzone, it can only MAKE YOU THINK (but only if you want it to. Again your freedom of choice is always there). If you have had good results with monobenzone, then that is great. I am truly happy that it did not damage your skin and that you are well.

        However, there are MANY other sites and forums for this sort of discussion. Please, please take it elsewhere.

    2. oh my God thank you cause i have vitiligo , and i was worried about using it , and do i need a doctor to get it i see i can buy it off line but i was scared of what would happen to me,

    3. please tel me dear how long u have been using monobenzone do it really works at 3% . i’m so much depressed b’coz of my dark skin complexion ,i hope u’ll reply truly ,thanku

    4. Has any one used proactive dark spot removal.? I have real bad dark spots on my arms and chest, no I don’t have any type of disease just pimples gone wrong…help..I want to be able to wear short sleeves. .

  6. is best for Monobenzone cream as well as Hydroquinone Cream
    I have used monobenzone cream from all companies, but no result, Only Fairnglow Monobenzone cream is working. And my Doctor also confirmed that its Real Monobenzone cream.
    They are providing free sample to Doctors and Vitiligo patient.
    My Friend has vitiligo and fairnglow is giving free sample to her for treatment.

    1. YOU ARE THE Fairnglow SELLER !!! Stop these big lies !!!
      Fairnglow is NOT selling Mono !!!
      Purity test was done and the outcome is MERCURY and other steroids, NO trace of Mono. was found. Please sell this crap somewhere else !!!!

  7. I have used monobenzone for some years so what should I do now that you have enlighten me to keep my results or what other options do I have Help I had normal skin Thanks for the article

    1. Hi, if you’re having serious problems the best option would be to consult with a doctor or a dermatologist with experience in treating vitiligo patients. They would be more familiar with long-term monobenzone use and what your options might be.

  8. Hi Hessa

    I appreciate all the info you put together (What a great article!) But please dont be single minded by asking people to stop posting about their good results. There are always benefits and drawbacks so why not allow you readers to have access to both sides of the story instead of asking people to “take it elsewhere”? … Just a thought.

    1. I appreciate your comment.

      My answer is that if you do a simple Google search, you’ll find many, many forums and posts where “people are already writing about their good results”. Many posts and forums are extremely flattering to monobenzone use, without talking about the downside or risks involved. Often, when a poster refutes their claim or talks about their bad results, they will be attacked.

      This article is but one counterbalance for the multitude of those. No one is lacking for information in this day and age. The web is free. Those forums are free. What’s severely lacking is a balance.

      I’ve also stated my case and reasoning clearly in my Jan 10, 2011 reply. My article is about the dangers of monobenzone use. Why anyone would want to turn the comments section into a forum debating this or to buy/sell monobenzone is beyond me.

      Or perhaps it reveals just how desperate the monobenzone sellers/buyers are. This article — heavy on facts — poses a threat to them.

      p.s: Maybe I was a little harsh in saying ‘take it elsewhere’, so I thank you for giving me the chance to clarify my position.

  9. My friend w/vitiligo has recently come across the idea of using monobenzone and I was just helping him do some research and became fascinated w/the product and decided I’d try it out for myself b/c I have some disfiguring scars from acne and injury and a lot of areas of uneven pigmentation all over my body that darkened severely over the years and I thought low dosages of monobenzone would give me the more even and lighter skin tone that I desired/was born with permanently (an injury to my leg early in my youth, left me a flat, dark scar that makes me uneasy at the thought of wearing shorts. My gradual skin darkening has left me w/freckle-like patches of discoloration on both my arms, shoulders, back and a few large ones on my face that appeared after pimples and I now hide w/a beard). In our research, we’ve only found sites that discourage the use of monobenzone in people w/out vitiligo but they never went into detail why not and I’m glad that I stumbled onto this. To let you know what we’ve come up w/ so far, some sites have monobenzone available in very low dosages for up to a couple months of use (1500mg/day for about 2 months for 2-3 shades of lightening) and monobenzone is now available in pill form. I had considered using other products for my skin problems but they just don’t cut it for me. Trust me, I tried the scar removal gels. They don’t work. I also do not want to spend the rest of my life paying for monthly shipments of a product that I have to use every day at the constant risk of having my skin goes back to the way it currently is or even darker. I need a permanent solution and monobenzone seems like it. I do not plan to end up the same complexion as Michael Jackson but I just want my skin a few shades lighter and more even. I am glad to be better informed by your article but I still feel the temptation of monobenzone. If you do not recommend it, I would like to know of any useful alternatives you might have for me that are permanent in lightening and evening my skin. At this point, I am not comfortable knowing that my skin is not at its worst yet as it will gradually get darker and more uneven and my injuries are permanent. You’ve informed but can you help?

      1. I tried vitamin C injection with glutathioe from that Roche company, din work at all, spent bout 600 and not even one shade lighter. Maybe different people have different effects I’m not sure, but for me it was a complete waste of money. I tried this cream from the doctor, worked like a miracle. I was lighter in just 3 weeks….a lot lighter. They don’t disclose the contents but its from this brand called clinicare I think. The sad part is, I wanted smth for my legs, and got myself several bottles….turns out it only worked for the face and neck….and no where else….so I’m still searching but i will never ever try vit c or glutathione again.

  10. hi Hessa

    can low doses of monobenzone be safe to use at all? or is it all unsafe no matter the doses. I actually didn’t really intend on using monobenzone but happened to come across this site I would like to lighten my skin but was thinking of getting lightening injections done professionally, do you have any ideas where or what clinics do this in London?

    Thanks so much for your help x

    1. Hi kay, our bodies are resilient. I believe recovery is possible if someone is exposed to monobenzone over a short period of time and in low concentrations (low enough that no irreversible depigmentation occurs).

      About “monobenzone injections”… as far as I know, monobenzone is a toxic chemical so I can’t imagine anyone wanting to inject it directly into their bloodstream. Ask your doctor about this, I’m sure he’ll set you straight.

      He might look at you funny, but at least you know he’s on your side and has correct medical information.

      I don’t need to tell you that anything injected directly into the bloodstream will go to all the major organs. Forget about your skin for a moment and think about this — what will monobenzone do your brain, your heart, your kidneys and liver? Your eyes? What are you willing to risk?

      My advice is simple (though you may not like it!). Don’t depend on monobenzone sellers to educate you, no matter what they say. As always, your best ally is your own good judgement. Trust it. In the end, we are all responsible for ourselves.

      A few more good questions to ponder:

      – Do monobenzone sellers care abt your health or anyone else’s?

      – What incentive do they have to care?

      – If “monobenzone injections” have damaged your eyes/kidneys/skin and altered your life permanently, will monobenzone sellers lie awake at night worrying abt you? Who would bear the consequences?

      1. is it ok to take glutathione caslupe even i have vitiligo?my vitiligo never grows anymore, they are stable in shape and never become bigger anymore. i have three stable shaped white spots on my body due to vitiligo, i think it became better already because they are only stable in shape. so,i started taking glutathione because i like to have a glowing skin. is it ok?

        1. Hi Aline, glutathione doesn’t cause vitiligo and it’s produced by the body naturally when we have a healthy diet. So as long as you trust your source, it should be fine.

  11. I have virtilligo and my doctor prescribed virtillix gel to help put back pigmentation in my skin. Now I have dark patches en white patches on my skin. I need good advise because i was considering using lightening treatments to even out my skin tone. It is depressing because I am beauty therapist and I have to advise my clients all the time with their skin. I really need a good treatment to get my skin back to normal.I am in South Africa and it can be very hot.

  12. hello,i have vitiligo for 5 year,i use everythink but nothink.and now i whant to use this monobenzone cream,because i sufer very much,my hasbend is very bad man and i sufer very much from life is not good,i whant to bring back my smile in my life.please help me to use this monobenzone cream and to cure my vitiligo.when i use this monobenzone cream,is the dangerous for my body
    .i wish all the best .

  13. iam suffering from vitiligo from 10 years. it was started small patch on leg side.

    gradually it effected body& hands.not compleate body about 30-40%.affected.

    i decided treatement for nb uv theropy.for the effect its covers ears.

    mouth.but legs&hands not compleatly iwill go for this bromo benzene treatement.

    please suggest.

    with regards.


  14. I have been using Monobenzo for a long time; only that I never know it’s monobenzo until recently (which is a long story). I have patchy skin all over my arms and my neck, just as the post described. I’m so scared. And I really need to know if there’s any treatment to it. I saw that “Often, someone without vitiligo who uses monobenzone in sufficiently high percentages (eg 20% monobenzone) and over a long period of time will have to be treated by a doctor as a new ‘vitiligo’ patient as there exists no way yet to reverse the damage caused by monobezone” and got terrified. I’m so scared and devastated.

  15. i m in a dame s*** confusion. Plz help me gt ot of this..m usng its nt taks long time dipigmnting. . And soon repigmentation starts..just i wana look light. . .what should i prefer to i alred lost my self confidenc.:(

  16. please where can i find genuine monobenzone in south africa, preferably the Mac Remedies brand.i live in jsouth africa johannesburg.tanx.

  17. Does anyone know of a dermatologist in Johannesburg, SA who can assist in recommending monobenzone to lighten the skin around my vitiligo spots? I have tried everything to repigment and my only option now is to lessen the contrast between these caramel coloured spots and my own dark skin. Please help!!

  18. Hello. My question is really important to
    Me ,i am suffering vitiligo 5 years now it was small patches but eventually started to grow I dont feel comfortable because I am a makeup artist and my clients wonder what is happening to my skin really embarrassing I have vitiligo
    Mainly on my limbs and those are the
    Most exposed parts so my question is if i want to be treated my monobenzone how long it would take me to get my skin all white (notice that I have range from 10% to 20% of my body affected by vitiligo) but i dont want to be recommended to other treatments because I barely have any progress treating the limbs by Narrow band or anything else so im thinking of depigmenting my skin,any help?

    1. Hi Logina, sorry to hear about your struggles. Hopefully, someone with experience in using monobenzone for vitiligo will chime in. In the meantime, have you tried one of the vitiligo support forums? You might get better and more informed responses there. Take care.

    2. Ya, now you can get a script for depigmentation, like monobenzone, even if you only have 10 or 20% vitiligo, so get your script and rid of it, for it will take decades to leave on its own, so apply and remove remaining pigment 🙂

  19. I haven’t found low dosages of monobenzone .only 20% and I was told you can mix the monobenzone with an oil to avoid the streaks .

  20. I’ve brown complexion and i like to improve my skin purewhite permanently but don’t know what to believe, what to use with a saferside ,please is there any truthful heart to help me,pls i’m so depressed b’coz of my complexion

  21. Monobenzone more effect on the skin health so that be careful.. am medical professional ask any question about its sideeffect!! i’ll answer your question

    1. Estou usando monobenzona há 15 dias e minha pele escureceu onde apliquei. Está mais escura e ressecada. Porque isso aconteceu? Devo continuar usando ou interromper o uso? Minha pele irá voltar a cor normal se eu parar de usar?

      1. Hi Micheli

        Was your monobenzone prescribed by a doctor? If yes, you should ask him/her if your skin reaction is normal.

        From what I’ve read, monobenzone use can sometimes lead to a temporary darkening before depigmentation starts. But your doctor will be the best person to advise you on whether you should discontinue using it or not.

        Hope that helps.


  22. Hello dear friend …. I am looking Benoquin cream … in Iran i can not be found …. i hop you help me to find that….thank you

    1. Hi all,
      I am using self made monobenzone cream for depigmentation since Aug 2014 . At the time of starting the process, the vitiligo affected %age in my body was about 30-40% but now 80% of my body has been depigmented so far and I am very happy to see the progress. I can be of any help iff anyone wants to find the cream in India.

      1. I need 40% Benoquin or Monobenzone cream I have very bad skin problem with dark spots on my face!!! If you can help me I really appreciate it… Thank you

      2. Hi Nandini! I saw your comment on and got very glad that monobenzone has worked for you. Can you please tell who, how and where did you get the monobenzone cream? I am Indian too and I would really appreciate if you help me with this so when I come to India I could get the cream for myself.
        Thanks in advance.

        1. I used monobenzone 40% for a few months and the results are so bad I’m having depression . My skin is spotted like cows with 3-4 different colours–brown,tan,milky white and pink . I want to reverse the effects but they say it’s irreversible. I will try using PUVA laser to darken those unsightly patchy uneven white spots it has caused me to have .Never try it . Ever I will even post the pictures of my skin after using it for proof. Mail me for pictures at

  23. Good day, I appreciate your good advise and at least I know a little more of the downside of Monobenzone. I was going to get into this treatment but after reading your article I am now very reluctant to even go there. In the meantime over the years my vitiligo has gradually been spreading rapidly and my cover up skin foundation which I used for 6 months , now lasts for about three months. It helps to hide the white patches and as I am of Indian origin, I am also fair skinned so it is not so noticeable, like some of my colleagues who have darker skin. This can be very stressful and demotivating, especially when one is so young in life. I am not certain whether I can mention the brand name of the foundation that I am using as requested by one reader. If its ok then let me know and I will give the details. I thank you for your very informative article which is much appreciated.
    Tony Govender
    South Africa

  24. I have had vitiligo 23 years. About 6 years ago I started using monobenzone 30%. I used Mono for about 1.5 years,small places daily due to the cost. Like legs one week,then arms the next week and so on. Five months ago my hands and face (the worst places for repigmentation) it has reappeared. So I reordered more Mono and after 3 months it has no effect. The fist time I used it within 3-5 months my whole body was lighter and I was content but kept using it to reach total white. My advice..Unless you are like 80% vitiligo…DO NOT USE IT. I used it when I was maybe 50% if that and now am having to deal with it all over again but with no results from Monobenzone. I am at peace with it,back to dermablend on my face. On a good not most of my repigmentation was caused by a anti biotic and my derm said it will most likely get lighter of even return to solid white but it may take 5 months to a year. It is a personnel choice but dont be like me and just hear what good it can do then not study it more. Also if you really research extended use of monobenzone can effect your retinas and even cause glaucoma and lead to permant eye dmg or blindness. If I had researched that I would not have used it,luckily my eyes are fine. I mean think about it…Your eyes have pigment in them,that is why we have different colors. Be careful.Don;t feel sorry for me 🙂 .. I amm at total peace with myself and my faith in God. Sure it sucks,but I tell people now what it is so they don’t just stare from time to time and wonder. We are all beautiful people if we wanna be…No matter what we look like. Things could be a lot worse and I am blessed to be here and have life and for the most part healthy. God Bless

    1. Hi Dan, thank you for taking the time to comment with your experience. I’m sure this will be helpful to many 🙂

      I’m also really happy for you and wish for you continued gladness and contentment.

      Happy Holidays with Much Love!


  25. I don’t understand why you say monobenzone is poisonous or toxic. Where in scientific literature is this stated ?The only types of adverse effect monobenzone is said to cause is irritation and redness plus it can cause lightening in areas in which the cream hadn’t been applied. Monobenzone can be used safely otherwise it not be prescribed at all.

  26. Hello,
    Between May and June this year, I used some lightening cream on my face every other day for a period of 6 weeks. As a result of this some places on my face (under my eyes and around my mouth) have now become extremely dark. Very embarrassing.
    May I ask whether you have some safe skin lightening product to get rid of this situation PERMANENTLY in about 6 – 8 weeks time OR EVER?.

  27. This is sooo important! I used monobenzone in my normal skin and now i regret it! It is just like you have written:
    Patchy -ugly- skin
    Milky white skin, like someone with albinism (Does not look like a white person, even white people have some melanin in their skin)
    Mixed with pinkish parts, and your regular brown (in my case, im latino) complexion
    I wanted to be a few tones lighter, just a few…not having blotches of three or more different skin colors splashed all over the place. It really looks ugly, unhealthy.
    Now i have to find a way to repigment those areas to look even.
    Do NOT use if you don’t have vitiligo. It’s so sad that we -as society- aren’t open enough to discuss these topics without taboo or shame.

    1. Hi Coffee Lover, thanks for being brave enough to share the bad experience you had from using monobenzone.

      I think it’ll help others think twice, for sure. And I really hope you’ll be able to restore the health of your skin.


    2. Hi. Thanks for sharing. I even ordered mono because I was so desperate to become a bit lighter. I thought it’d make it the pale white I wanted, but patchy is not the way to go and I’d be happier with my current skin. Again, thanks for sharing your experience.

  28. Hello, share and all the others … Are there injections of Monobenzon ether hydroquinone and where are there? Is it harmful? Is there anyone who uses it ??
    Please respond to me?

    Please respond to me?

  29. Hello, share and all the others … Are there injections of Monobenzon ether hydroquinone and where are there?Is it harmful?Is there anyone who uses it ??

  30. hi my name is SUMAIRA IQBAL,I am living in Pakistan, I have vitiligo since 20 yrs there is a small spot on the legs,but now it grow in almost half of my body ,and different spots like small and large growing now on my face I tried almost every thing now I am very much disappointed and fear to face the people.well u plz help me.I ll also send u the pics of my vitiligo,I ,also used PUV lights but all in vain.,i heard about the process in which vitiligo spread on all the body without any spots.i want full skin bleaching so that there is no spots will you guide me about this medicine or injection .i am sick and tired of all this

    1. Hi Sumaira, I’m very sorry you’re going through this.

      Have you been to see a doctor or a dermatologist? With vitiligo, it’s best to get medical advice from a professional who knows you. A doctor would be able to advise you on the best and safest course of action should you wish to try and depigment.

      All the best


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