What are some of the natural methods of skin lightening?

I use the term ‘natural methods’ here loosely.

You’ll see that exfoliation using alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) is classified as  a natural means below.

This is because with gentle acids, you’re not doing much more than exfoliating the top layers of your skin to increase cell turnover – which is what your body does anyway on its own, you’re just speeding it up.

1. Manual exfoliation 2. Acid exfoliation (gentle)

Dry brushing



Alpha and beta hydroxy acids

Natural acids like lemon
juice and vinegar

3. Internal methods 4. External methods

Raw food (fruits, salads)

Plant-based whole foods diet

Supplements (e.g. Vitamin C)

Sunscreens and wearing protective

Avoiding sun exposure

Melanin-inhibiting plant
topicals (e.g. turmeric)