UK — Man fined £16,000 for selling cosmetics containing mercury and hydroquinone

A man who sold dangerous cosmetic products has been fined £16,000. Kabamba Tabukanga, 53, of Hoe Lane, admitted selling products that contained mercury and hydroquinone, used in skin bleaching.

He was caught after a check from trading standards found a number of skin lightening cosmetics containing the dangerous substances.

The 53-year-old pleaded guilty to 14 charges.

Tabukanga was ordered to pay fines totalling £4,620, costs totalling £2,554 and a £120 victim surcharge after admitting the offences. His company, Gramadi Place Ltd, was also ordered to pay fines totalling £6,160 and costs totalling £2,554.

Enfield council’s cabinet member for environment said: “We will not tolerate businesses that put profits before the safety of our residents. This sentence sends out a very strong message, and I sincerely hope it deters others from selling this kind of unsafe merchandise.”

Extracts from an Enfield Independent article (original). Published 24 November 2015.

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