How to heal your skin from deep, chemical damage due to harmful creams

Skin damage from the long-term use of steroid-based or other toxic creams (e.g. hydroquinone, monobenzone, mercury) can be distressing. They can include thin/fragile skin, hyperpigmentation, dark marks, nerve damage and changes in texture.

However, with time and patience, there are ways to reverse the damage and restore your skin to its original health.

Our organs (including the skin) are resilient, and if we give it what it needs, it can slowly heal itself.

To support skin healing from the bottom-up, the first thing you can do is clean up your diet and lifestyle as much as possible.

Change your diet to include more fruits and vegetables. Read up on the healing benefits of an alkaline diet as well as raw fruits/vegetable juices.

An alkaline diet will help to heal skin from the bottom up.

The second thing you can do is to apply healing, penetrative oils on your skin every day (such as cold-pressed castor oil, extra virgin coconut oil or olive oil).

Use deeply penetrative healing oils like castor oil or extra virgin coconut oil daily to restore skin,

Castor oil is one of the most healing oils there is. In fact, castor oil can be especially helpful in treating chemically-damaged skin as it has the ability to draw out toxins and penetrate deeply into the skin.

Read more about castor oil

Other beneficial healing oils include shea butter, Vitamin E oil, cold-pressed coconut oil (EVCO), and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

Any oil you use should ideally be cold-pressed as it would retain more nutrients and not contain any chemical preservatives.

However, for this to work, patience really is key. It could take several months to a year of daily applications of oil to get results. 

As appealing as they are (and I definitely understand this feeling), quick fixes are unlikely to restore your skin. And any results you get from a ‘quick fix’ will likely prove disappointing or be temporary at best.

In the case of deeply damaged skin, I believe slow and steady really does win the race. It might help to know that the damage was done over a long period of time, so healing will also take time.

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  1. i ve been using (ALIN) dexamethasone nose drops for 2 weeks and my tip skin started sinking and turnig white in certain areas my doctor told me o wait 3 months but im not using anything .
    do you think it could be helpful to use the castor oil or some cram to hydrate?

    1. Hi Mariah, yes you can try castor oil or other healing oils (shea butter, extra virgin coconut oil, etc) to try and heal some of the steroid damage from dexamethasone.

    2. since your doctor ask you to wait for some months, i advice you wait before applying any treatment. your skin at this point may be delicate and need some time to come together.

  2. Hi I have been using white gold for three years and one month ago a lady told me to stop using it as it damaging my skin after I stopped I have big pus Pimple’s and mypores are so much its all piping up and have very dark mark. What can I use? I have been using cell tone but the oils is clogging my pores????

    1. Hi I would advise you to maka an egg white facial mask it will help. Extract egg white from one egg, add one and half teaspoons of natural honey as well as two tea spoons of ginger mix and aply to cleansed face n let it stay for about 30-40min then Prince off with cold water, do this at list two times in a day for a week.

      1. Would that work for hypo-pigmentation though?? Where the skin Is lighter than your natural skin tone ?

        I used skin lightening cream but too much now I need to remove the cream from inside my skin’s epidermis

        Any ideas pls? Thanks

  3. i used skin lightening creams which have hydroqounane for one month.after use i had a swear ittiching red spots, mini red bumps.i m very worried please tell me how can we get back my origional melanin.m so upset please help me out

    1. am so depressed..i used to have a very smooth skin until mistakenly used my mom’s cream..its called perfect white lotion..i think it has hydroquinene and steriods in caused me a lot of damage..someone pls now suffering from low self esteem..pls contact me with gmail..i can pay any pls

        1. I Uzoma and Ester, I have same condition too. In fact, i hardly concentrate on anything, not even studies as am dying of depression by low self esteem. please help post solution if you find one!!!

      1. I had skin damage from getting peels and using “obaji’s clear” for a year. The way I managed to restore my skin was Leaving it Alone . I didn’t wash my face for 30day then I had a facial using natural products m. First the steamed my face then used a mask which had sandalwood, turmeric and Neem. I do this every 2 weeks and I don’t wash my face in between. Google Caveman Regiume. Trust me the worst thing to do is add more products to your skin. I alway took supplements that’s are good for the skin and restoring the skin like vita A, C omega 3,6,9 you can google supplements for health skin

    1. My name Selina I used melderm for only 2 months and it ended up burning around my mouth, given me dark pigmentation and white patches and lines around my mouth when I didn’t have any before. I was always glamorous loved makeup and had a really good young looking skin just had slight uneven areas. I’m not the same person can’t go out don’t sleep not eating my family don’t know what to do.

  4. Im a dark african american woman i used hydroquine since i was 14 years old until about late 40s my skin became very black and sotty looking when to a estastian she used tca chemical peel on my face and neck after all treatments if tca peels was stopped my face and neck is even blacker as is been burnt i can see browner skin under the darker skin i have been using clinque dark spot even better which not sure if working my dark areas seem to be getting darker i read clinique even better work from outside in so is this why my face seem to be getting darker because it it working from outside in and can i use castor oil to take off hyperpigmentation

    1. I have used cream dat contain paraben n steroid n someone told me to stop using such cream n my skin is more darker as ever b4 bcos i’m dark in complexion looking for lighting cream dat contain harmful chemical dat spoilt my face. Pls somebody help. Which oil can I use to get back to my original colour

      1. 4 G’s sake stop using n e cream containing steroids & see yur dermatologist bcos he can prescribe retin-a. Pls to help u cuz I’m a helpful guy.

        1. Hi Richard ,are you a dermatologist? Can you help? My gp thinks I have melasma but I think it’s both nelsons and lightening cream damage.what advise do you give? Please email me ,

        2. I using betasol for my face if i don’t use it than my face get red and have a rush i don’t want to use it any more please help me

    2. hi carol. Castor can help with patience. In about 30 days you’ll start noticing change. I had purple and maroon to grey hews after 3months of using steriods creams. I’m naturally olive skin tonned woman and from after one month of use from the creams my skin was pale or beige bright. then slowly had side effects after sun burn. my skin looked so unnaturally unhealthy and darker than my original skin tone. I now use thick moistuirers for extremly dry skin. you can mix 2 to 3 of them with castor oil or thick olive oil. and at nyt only castor oil in your affected damaged arears and olive on your face. Take vitamin A supplements with 2000u and if you may have stretch marks you can add quecertin or Bioflavanoids supplements. At your first two weeks of taking vit A your skin may turn very grey that allows the dead skin to dry out and afterwards it will start peeling. As it peels it becomes grey. Drink 1 -2 litres of milk weekly to detoxify your liver and skin until you skin is rejuvenised.

  5. Hello I used repivaye cream for rash bt wen I noticed tt it myd my skin beautiful like a baby I continued with it even during the day. Bt I suddenly developed bumpy pimples on mY face. Plz help in getting read of them. I even went to the doc they gave me prednisone tabs which r steroid too n some allergy tabs. will they help? O by giving me a steroid will myk things more worse.

  6. I have been using lighterning creams on my face for years, my face has some black sunburn s. I really need help. What can i do?

  7. I’m a 40 year old dark skin woman. I’ve been using bleach creams from age 14 to fade dark spots from acne. I’ve also used it for shadowing discolorations from birth control pills. I’ve struggled with skin issues since puberty. Now my discoloration issues are even worse. I’ve had several Chemical Peels… but discolorations always come back. I feel so defeated and my self esteem is zero. Thank God for liquid makeup. Could someone please help?

  8. Hi M having hyperpigmentation
    I use DERM OPAL moisturizing SUNSCREEN SPF 30+ on my face & neck then apply DERM OPAL Blemish cream on the
    dark spots since 2012 Theres slow progress please help

  9. Hi, ive had a microdermabrasion and a jessners chemical peel that has left me with dermal hyperpigmentation. I also use salicyic acid for acne. I ve had bad discloration for 3 years now. what can i do to get rid of it?

  10. Had a yeast infection on my penis been using on hydrocortisone… Thinned my skin always looks reddish in certain spot and very sensitive… Stop using cream 2 weeks ago … What can I use to strengthen or thicken my skin or even get my normal skin tone back .. Need answers someone respond I will follow up and update post with results .. My email:

    1. Hi Mr. Joe.

      Where you able to get response on your query. I think i have the same condition affecting the skin (sac) of my testicles. I’ve used betamethasone and clotrimazole everytime it itches. I think the skin on that area became thin and sensitive. I was hoping you could share some remedies and how to restore the normal skin back.

      1. My bf had this prob after I gave the infection to him 🙁 . My advice would be to stop applying anything to it. Just make sure that the area is clean and always dry. If it itches alot try cleaning with lukewarm/ warm water. The infection usually leaves after a week and a half for me. My bf’s infection only lasted about a week without treatment. Only some TLC… Wish mine was that fast

  11. hi I’ve used steroid cream called clobetasol for 8years now, last week I stopped now I have rash on my face and now I am using Hercules castor oil is it ok to use it?

  12. How can one stop the usage of steroid creams and return to normal skin? I’ve been using diprosone for 3 yearz.

  13. I have been using movate for several years and when ever I stop my skin develops acne to the extent of turning grey then i just go back trying to avoid the acne… anyone with a solution help me this has damaged me in every-way possible…

  14. Hello, I have been using epiderm cream for two weeks and it has lightened my skin abit… currently I have stopped using it. Will my skin regain its original colour?

    1. I have the same issue as well. Used it for about 2 weeks, and now I have a light patch at the back of my head. How soon will my skin return to its normal pigmentation levels?

  15. Hello, I am really dark skin n have been using Tesco body lotion for some time. Something happend and i had to change town, so couldnt get my normal body lotion. I change to jergens, now my complexion is abit lighter. Pleease how can i regain my normal dark skin

  16. My skin has turned dark due to bleach n went out in the sun without sun cream 4 months ago. Will castor oil help to restore skin colour n howmany times to be applied. Pls reply to my email.

  17. My skin is burned by persol cream for almost 8 yrs n it has not gain it is original colour.. can i use castor oil or coconut oil for restoration??

  18. Guys pls need help soon i’ve made a serious mistake using persol cream in my life ever used it for without knowing 4 years back and still have the problem curable , still my face looks taned like I want my face back , problems can’t face many friends seeing thorough on my face lack of lose confident , anyone have found good after problem pls pls pls pls mail me about the solution need serious help mail me (felt like died )

  19. hello, I usually have a lot of pimples on my face so a friend asked me to try skineal. at first it worked but not it has bleached my face leaving me with big black heads. the pimples are more bigger and painful now. pls what can I do?

  20. Hi,I’m jagadesh,I have lightened my skin by using this cream.pls help me in maintaing it .im very scared of it will make me so dark ..pls help me in maintaing it..

  21. hi I’ve been using a certain lotion that tones ( bleaches) the skin for about four months. After I stop using it, part of my skin become damage by developing thick black patches. All attempt to get rid of it is futile. Please what should I do to restore my skin back to it natural status by removing the black thick patches?

    1. Try using zinc folic and niacin supplements in your diet.
      Use witch hazel to clean your skin. Juicing with raw vegetables and fruits will give you the proper nutrition in your body for healthier skin. Drink plenty of water. Water is medicine for the soul.

  22. Hi i used gentle magic cream n it contains steroids, I started developing moles n the texture of my skin completely changed it became rougher witha fine rash. I also develop pimples. Before using this cream I used to hve smooth bby soft skin…my confidence is so low i dont even wanna hang out with people

  23. Am light skinned I decided to tone a bit nw I have dark knuckles and black paches on my neck am using perfect glow with SPf 60 with a bit of organics moisturizing body gloss there’s a bit of improvement I just wnt my flawless skin bck any suggestions?

  24. Hi,I’m jagadesh,I have lightened my skin by using this cream.pls help me in maintaing it .im very scared of it will make me so dark ..pls help me in maintaing it….wat should I do to maintain this lightened colour ..plsss help me..

  25. Hi. I had my first ever facial and bleaching done prior to my marriage. My naturally soft and moist skin turned dry and paper like after this. Facial skin lost its youth. Morever skin was sensitive to the sun and whenever outside I felt a burning. This was in 2015. Now my skin is a bit better but not the same. Also the facial hair darkened. Please note that this was my first bleach and facial. Wat can I do to retrieve my earlier skin.?

      1. hie I have been using betasol for more than 3yrs my skin was becoming more light and thin now I nolonger need it because when ever I stop it about 3 to 4 days my skin will be itching a it’s a month since I left it my skin is itching a lot and I’m even more darker than I was before using this cream.on my neck I have got some black marks around .at night it will itch a lot and I’m using Johnson baby fragrance free aqueous cream to wash my face and apply it as well.does this help or I’m damaging my face again.please what will you recommend me to use .I’m desperate will my skin be normal again

  26. hi to all of u having damaged skin,use plain yoghuart,ground cinnamon powder mix 3 spoon of yoghuart and 2 spoon of cinnamon apply and leave for an hour do this once a week

  27. I used Himalaya bleminor anti blemish cream on the skin above my upper lip about 4 times in 1 month.
    Now the skin is much lighter even white and it looks horrible in contrast tO THE complexion of the rest of my face … it’s been 8 months with no sign of my normal colour returning .. is this cream permanent what can I do pls help

  28. Hi

    I have been using betasol for ligthning my skin, now part of my face is damaged. my skin is burning in summer and i have very white dots that are coming. Please help me.

  29. Hi,
    I’ve been using civic cream for 2 years it was ok but now my face turn very dark and itchy.
    I don’t go out much any more because of low self esteem is there any chance of my face getting back to smooth and light complexion

  30. hi, by some one’s insistence i used sofradex F on my face for 1 yr. it did magic on my skin by clearing pimple rashes. but now I stopped for 25 days. i can understand the potent steroid thinned my skin, it can’t reserve water any more, skin peeling and, red rashes and skin thinning is vital effect. pls some one suggest home remedies to regain previous skin fast, am really suffering.

  31. I’ve been using movate cream for 10yrs I stop it 2 weeks ago I use magnolia tissue oil my skin change it to be normal again thanks to magnolia tissue oil

  32. I used a cream with hydroqumone on my face for 3 weeks and it made some part of my face lighter than others, made some part red and gave me a rash. How can I fix it pls

  33. Hi, this is pinky once I went parlor, I did bleach on face after few minutes my face become too black how can I get my original skin. Am feeling too bad body is one color? Face is one it is very difficult feeling shame. Kindly help me

    1. Trust me using moroccan black soap + argan oil and St Ives skin renewing collagen and elastin body lotion in combination does a great deal on repairing damaged skin.

  34. I used to have a dark smooth skin before but I used fashion fair which contain clobesterol for a long time after which some tiny tags come over my face like a skin outgrowth,for more than two years now I can not rub any cream or use soap on my face because if I use put anything on my face I keep on having the tags all over my face and my neckmy face is getting dark and dry each day. what van i use to heal my damaged face and neck?

  35. I have being using NEOSkin as my cream 4about a year now and when my mom told me that d cream am using I bleaching me I stopped using it.after to days my body was inching me.please what cream should I use to restore my natural skin pleas help me.

  36. I need help too my face is so damaged after using Movate n Caro light for years…… So black m afraid even going to church………..blackheads,whiteheads,black patches wuu m so black l feel ashamed after being fair skinned n smooth. Other stuff mentioned l use but r disappointing. Especially honey n lemon…..after l moisturise with olive oil. But still look de same as l started m at my ends wits…… som1 help…… Regards…… can publish my E-mail maybe some help will come from there

  37. Hi, I need help and advise on how to get my original skin color. Im asian (dark brown) color skin. Tried using skin whitening and damaged my face. I can see white spots over my face and its really demotivating me. Can anyone help me or suggest treatment i can try. Will ayurvedic treatment help me? you can email me

    1. Has anyone been able to get pigmentation back in their skin after using skin lightening ???

      It’s been over 1.5 years for me and the effects of skin lightening from himalaya bleninor are still evident

  38. Hi am Phina. I bought a cream called gold white to achieve a lighter complexion but after just two weeks of use, I got the worst problem of my life. My face now have 3 different colours. Some parts white, other brown and dark. Am so ashamed of myself, I can’t stand out in public even to speak to friends. My life is ruined please somebody with a good heart should help me out.

    1. I feel your pain, I had soft glowing brown young looking skin but was only concerned with slight uneven skin tone around my mouth, so heard melderm was quite natural. Only 2 months later it’s given me white cheeks and whiter nose and dark pigmentation lines going down my face and darkened around my mouth so much plus lines of damaged skin around my laughter lines. I only used it for 2months at night, I feel so sick. I’m seeing a dermatologist on Friday to see what can be done and maybe you should as it’s recent they may have something they can do? I’m praying for a solution because I’m so depressed.

  39. I used dermovate around my eyes to control my dermatitis and now I have large patches of lost pigment in those areas. I am naturally brown skinned so those areas are quite obvious on my face. What can I do to help restore some colour?

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