Corticosteroid creams should not be used to lighten skin

What are corticosteroid creams?

Corticosteroid and steroid creams are prescribed by doctors to treat inflammation from skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. These corticosteroid and steroid creams contain powerful ingredients like Clobetasol Propionate, Fluocinolone Acetonide or Betamethasone Dipropionate. They also come with specific usage instructions because of the potentially serious side effects they can cause.

Skin lightening is a side effect of steroid creams

Many unscrupulous sellers have been selling and marketing steroid creams as skin bleaching creams. This is because one of known side effects of using steroid creams is the lightening of skin color.

The mechanics behind steroid cream-induced skin lightening is not yet known. However, one theory is that steroids may reduce the number of melanocytes or melanocyte activity in the skin.

Black market bleaching creams containing corticosteroids pose a hidden danger

Given that the sale of steroid creams for the purposes of skin bleaching is illegal, black market skin lightening products will not list steroids under their ingredients list anywhere on their packaging. Therefore, most dangerous black market bleaching creams go undetected. Thus, the detection and removal of these harmful steroid-containing skin lightening creams usually only occur after it is too late.


Examples of known skin lightening creams that contain corticosteroids

Bio Claire Lightening Body Creme contains the powerful steroid Clobetasol Propionate
Shalina Diproson cream and lotion contains two types of steroids, Betamethasone Dipropionate and Fluocinolone Acetonide
Esapharma Movate contains two types of steroids, Clobetasol Propionate and Fluocinolone Acetonide
Dermovate cream contains the powerful steroid Clobetasol Propionate

Corticosteroid creams can lead to irreversible and devastating skin damage…

Corticosteroid creams are almost unrivaled in their ability to quickly lighten skin color. However, its short-term results are just that — short-term. When these creams are discontinued, the skin will usually revert back to its original color eventually. Meanwhile, prolonged use of the creams can lead to devastating skin damage which is usually irreversible.

Prolonged use of skin lightening creams containing corticosteroids may lead to many skin problems

  • Thin and fragile skin
  • Stellate spontaneous pseudoscars
  • Strange stretch marks
  • Folliculitis, inflamed hair follicles
  • Skin rash, irritation
  • Itchiness
  • Raised bumps on the skin
  • Excess hair growth
  • Fungal or bacterial skin infections

… and serious health side effects


Corticosteroids are absorbed through the skin and into the blood. Corticosteroids are also more rapidly absorbed when applied to the face, increasing their danger as this is where most people would apply them in order to lighten their complexion.

  • Corticosteroids appear in breast milk. Corticosteroids in breast milk harms newborns by inhibiting their growth.
  • Exogenous Cushing syndrome

How to heal your skin from deep damage due to harmful creams

If you’re experiencing the negative effects from long-term use of steroid or other toxic creams (years of prolonged usage), there are ways to reverse the damage. Our organs (including our skin) are resilient, and if we give it what it needs, it can slowly heal itself.

To support skin healing from the bottom-up, the first thing to do is clean up your diet and lifestyle. Read up on the healing benefits of an alkaline diet as well as raw fruits/vegetable juices.

Another thing you can do is to apply healing, penetrative oils on your skin every day (such as castor oil, coconut oil or olive oil). Castor oil is one of the most healing oils there are. It can be especially useful in treating chemically-damaged skin as castor oil has the ability to draw out toxins. Other beneficial healing oils are extra virgin coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil.

UPDATE: I’ve expanded on this section and dedicated a separate article on it. Read it here.

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  1. i use Bio Claire whitening Cream under my eye san hydroquinone for two days the day after I used a eye uplift serum , I now have mild redness and mild stinging and burning on the undereye bone area where I apply it. I’ve stop using it. what can i do about the irritation, will it get worst. When can I begin using my eye uplift cream again.

    1. Hi tasha, the skin under the eye is very thin and fragile. If its reddened, its best to “baby” it back to health by either leaving it alone or applying some soothing natural oil over the area (like coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil). Avoid applying any store-bought lotions or creams. These contain chemicals and preservatives that might irritate or dry the area further.

      You can use your eye uplift cream again once the area is healed.

  2. Hi Hessa,

    Is Bio Claire a really unsafe cream/oil/lotion. Ive read som really good things about it, but have also read som shocking stuff!!

    Im very confused and not sure whether to buy it or not!??

  3. At the age of eleven years old, I had a light skin color. As a kid I was playing around, and decided to use different creams to lighten my skin even more, and Hoped that it works. The key word Hope, but it was not the reality.

    I have paid the price, I suffer from chronic rash that I still have to this day, and my skin is actually darker than the color I had for eleven years, before I knew what lighten cream was/meant. I couldn’t recognize myself after that happened and trying to make peace with it to this day.

    Now, I’m older, and I have not used, and promised myself not to use any cream/product with out knowing 1000 % it will have a well lasting result. How long it will take to be treat myself does not matter, how well it will work in the long run, does. I am looking to find the solution to the skin condition I have, how I could regain my skin color, and heal the rash.

    I Would like to ask if someone knows a doctor in North carolina, or in the country, that is able to guide me in what I could do or can be done, with a reasonable price, if such in exitence. Feel free to share, if you have some valuable information about that.

    Thank you,


    1. Hie, im realy sad that i only found out about the dangers of using movate wen its too l8t. Hav used it 4 9mnths nw and dnt like wat i c in the mira. Sumtymz i fl like i cnt hld on much longer bt i thnk of my 1mnth old baby, i hv stpd 4 a month bt the pain nd iritation i gt. I dnt knw wat to do nymore

  4. I’ve been using skin lightening creams for 10 years and didn’t know they were dangerous until I researched. I was using a cream called lemovate E, also with omic cream and a carrot gell. Well after my pregnancy I noticed very thick and discolored reddish stretch marks all down my inner arms, breast, and stomach. I had lost 30 pound before and never had any stretch marks while on the creams, so I’m wondering if it was the increase in hormones and the creams (which might have contained steroids) that caused the stretch marks. Also how can i treat them because they look very bad and are noticeable my body was perfect before them and now I’m devastated. I’ve tried trilastin but no results, I’m a fair skinned African American and I’m wondering if anyone else out there has experienced this or have a cure for it. If so please help!

  5. my skin has rashes and it itches too much!! i’ve seen a dermatologist who prescribed me to use antibiotics but it is not helping, any one help please.

    1. The rashes might be your body’s way of trying to expel the steroids in your system/skin cells, so it might just be a matter of time before they disappear.

      You can try to help things along by drinking lots of fresh fruit/vegetable juices, or drinking more water. You can also take supplements for liver support like milk thistle or ginger. As the liver is the powerhouse in detoxing poisons in our bodies, it might be helpful to make sure it’s at optimum health through supplements and temporary changes (eg avoiding coffee/alcohol/processed foods etc etc so that the liver wouldn’t be so overloaded).

    2. Hi Hessa and Melissa

      I know you might think I am crazy, but if you were using diproson and movate, you should always mix them with shear butter, cocoa butter and vaseline. Before using this mixture, apply a thin layer of coconut oil and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. I have been using these creams for 27 years with no side effects because all the oils and moisture protect my skin from thinning, so please try again. Remember, if you add 1 bottle diprosone, then mix about a tablespoon each of the shear butter, cocoa butter and vaseline( they should be heated together first) and then add diproson. I hope this helps you guys. Another thing to do every night is take a antihistimine tablet, so you do not suffer from any itching.

      1. Sorry, but your comment and “advice” on how to use banned steroid creams “safely” really saddens me.

        I mean, really? I… I don’t even have the words to convey how WRONG this is. 🙁

      2. Hello Purdy
        Can you tell how exactly you use your creams with cocoa butter and coconut oil step by Step?I have thought about mixing my creams with cocoa butter for protection but I dont know it will work.

  6. for long time i have skin irritation under wear location, i think is contactus dermatitis, what can i do to stop this,

  7. i,m not happy see my face change i used some cream and also movate very months i get rash on face but if stop i start having rash.but in four months i start eating ground and banana i start having rash on face my nick red rash,i so confused i used some medication cream that doctor told me is not working, now i want use movate again .some time i use movate it looks like is going way but if stop it come back again,but im tried use movate if stop i have rash .now my face is changing what can do please any person that have gone throu this problem please inform me on this thanks

  8. I used bio claire for about three months because a friend advised that it would help my acne. I instead started turning yellow and becoming lighter in complexion I miss my dark complexion- will I ever get it back,is there a way to ensure recovery? Any advise will do.

  9. I have been using creams from Europe to lighten my skin for about 10 years. It worked well at first but after a while I begin to get big stretch marks on my arms and I am very thin, my skin begin to sag where I applied the cream as muscle tone was lost , and I would bruise easily. In addition, my stomach would hurt extremely bad after I applied the cream. I wanted to be beutiful but at a huge price.

    When I stopped using the cream my skin would breakout and get darker, so I would continue to use it.

    I decided to stop. I have my natural color back I am not fair but I am healthy! Please do not get involved in using such deadly chemicals. I had spotless black skin now I have acne I have to cover up with make up everyday.

  10. Hi

    How safe really is QEI+ ? I have used it only 5 months and my skin on face is lighter…not really in a bad way though but I plan to discontinue using it because it is very expensive. I also noticed I have started developing facial hair on my chin and I am getting really worried. Also tinny skin bumps about two have started developong on my skin.Should I stop using it. I have a normal chocolate skin tone.

  11. hi pelesa
    l need your advise on the l can be using. My wedding is few months frm now and l want my skin to be restored back to d normal light skined i used to av before. Pls recommend the correct creams for light skinned body and face.

  12. hi,i want to ask if epiderm cream is a corticosteroid cream,cos it has betamethasone dipropionate as one of its ingredient,i want to know if i can use it on my face always or if it has adverse effect too,i dont use it as a lightning cream,i use it for pimple and antifungal always,should i stop it.tanx

  13. Hello Hessa, I have serrborheic dermatitis. I use given clobetasol (clobex shampoo) from derm. She did not tell me to use it sparingly or inform me of the side effects.I used it on my scalp every other day for an average of 6 mnths. During using it I first noticed my legs and arms beggining to bruise.I was confused about that because that has never happened before.Then I noticed on my neck I developed stretch marks. I thought this was strange because I am 20 years old,have never smoked or gone to a tanning bed.I looked up the medicine online and was shocked to read causes skin thinning.I was upset because while taking that medication I went to my doctor and told her I had varicrose veins show up on my feet and hands out of nowhere,and she said my skin is aging…did not even say that is a side effect of the medication.I am 20 years old and had beautiful skin before this,everytime I move my body the skin will form lines and after a wile will fade.I am afraid my skin is aged and I cannot fix it.My veins in my feet,hands and chest are very prominent.I only weigh 104 lbs so I think I could of easily used too much.I am seeing a new dermo but he says its only a slight possibility it was from clobex,which upsets me.He gave me retin-a to put on my skin and I read online that it also causes skin thinning??? Will my skin go back to normal or will this continue,I have been off of them sin around MAy or June I believe.My skin is still bruising and developing stretch marks.Thank you -Connie

    1. Hi connie,

      I’m sorry to hear about your troubles. There are a few suggestions at bottom of the article that may help you.

      You might also want to try ingesting turmeric daily to treat your seborrheic dermatitis. At the same time, turmeric may be helpful in strengthening your skin’s cellular matrix slowly. Among other things, turmeric is a potent antioxidant and a study has shown that it may prevent aging. You can also rub in castor oil a few times each day over the “aged” skin as you describe.

      It may take several months before you see any improvement, but I strongly believe recovery is possible with time and patience. Also if you’re not comfortable using Retin-A, I’d suggest stopping it. As you’ve already experienced, just because someone is a medical professional doesn’t mean their advice will help and not cause harm. Your own good judgement is sometimes your best ally.

      Also, this may sound strange, but try to find ways to keep a healthy, emotional balance. Fear, stress and worry impede our bodies’ healing ability, while positive emotions strengthen them. You can also read up on the power of visualization or imagery exercises. Be mindful of the kinds of thoughts you have about your skin now. Meditate and listen to affirmations for healing. Replenish magnesium in your body. Read a lot and research. There are many ways to aid your own healing.

      I wish you all the best on your journey.


  14. hi
    I have been using movate cream for my acne and it works perfectly
    fine .I have been using it for nine months and I once tried to stop
    Using it but my skin color was double black plus the rush and now
    I have developed more stretch marks. Please help me to get my original
    skin back,I am so scared that its too late!

    1. Hi, maybe you didn’t see it, but the article already mentions some tips at the bottom.

      The reply right above your comment also has more tips on healing.

      Best of luck.

  15. Hi,

    I am prescribed betamethasone dipropionate and clotrimazole cream for fungal skin infections. It’s gone from athlete’s foot, to jock itch, and now to tinea versicolor on my face.

    The hypo-pigmentation caused by the tinea versicolor became apparent when I was really tan a couple months ago, so I then had to start using this cream on my face. The fungus, according to the doctor, appears to be completely gone from my face now, which is good.

    However, my face does not tan nearly as well as it did before and is much lighter. I really hope it can go back to the way it was because I think pink-white skin (like a pig) is horrible and I miss the peachy color my face used to have.

    Will my original color ever return? How long will it take if so?

  16. i use to be a light brown color when i was younger. now im darker brown i dont like it, at all. over the years ive had real bad sun damge. to my skin and usen different acne creams as i got older. that burn out my skin and made me alot darker then im suppose to be. i really wish i can just get that clear brown skin or light brown skin back.

  17. Hello,
    Would you advise me to use a product containing “songyi mushroom” as a skin lightening agent? Im only 20 and suffering from a strange “melasma” on my facial skin. Even my neck is brighter than my facial skin and no one in my family has that. I love my skin and don’t wanna use “hydroquinone”, or any “mercury” compounds on my skin. I think there is only one product in the US by suki which has “songyi mushroom” in it. And could you please suggest anything better i could use to treat this?? The sides of my face practically looks like it has been burned…..not pleasant at all!!

    PS: this site is extremely informative, great job guys!!

    1. Hi Meemi

      If you have melasma, it’s best to first find out whether it’s dermal or epidermal melasma. If you have dermal (deep) melasma or dermal pigmentation, then most lightening creams may have little effect, and you could just be wasting your money. This is especially if you’ve tried other lightening creams to no avail (a sign that the pigmentation might be deeper/dermal).

      I don’t know about songyi mushroom. You may want to do a Google search to ease your mind on it’s safety and efficacy.

      As an aside, I also believe that skin changes or issues don’t come from nowhere. They either come from a surface injury on the skin or from within (the state of our health, diet, etc). You may find this a helpful read.

      Best of luck


  18. Hi

    I started using a cream called ‘Otentika Maxitone’ on my face and it has completely destroyed my skin. I am so disgusted with my myself, I still cry everyday over how I gave into pressure to lighten my skin. The cream did not lighten my skin by much at all however it did lighten slightly and gave me a more glowing skin. I used it for about 2 Months last year however after reading the damages skin bleaching does I stopped but it was simply too late. As soon as I stopped I had hair growing over my cheeks and blue/purple bruising on my eye area as I used to apply more under my eyes due to the dark circle. the blue bruising around my eyes have disappeared however my dark circles have gotten worse and I developed wrinkles over night. Before this I had the same skin and complexion as my mother and she doesn’t have one wrinkle at 45!

    Now here I am 20 years old with very fragile thin skin, I used to get mistaken for much younger but now people often think I am well into my thirties. I don’t understand How this happened to me 🙁 I know so many people who used this cream and stop whenever they want and nothing happened to their skin however every person who used it developed facial hair :S I didn’t think much about using this cream because I bought it in a shop in the city centre it is one of those ethnic hair/skin shops. I quit using ‘Otentika’ maxitone about eight months ago, I have used olive oil and vitamin e constantly on my face and have been gently to my skin but my skin has still not healed in fact It is getting worse by the day and my skin is sagging horribly! plz help me do you know if this is reversible?

    1. GO to an dermatologist & get obagi nuderm ASAP!!!
      Get the Retin A. -1%….DETOX your body/liver etc with organic foods & supplements…drink plenty of water, get on the turmeric regimen, wish you best of luck!! <3

  19. I also like to mention I also started this cream because I happen to have severe discolouration- my facial colour is a bit darker than Beyonce but my chin is so much darker similiar to Kanye West complexion. It looked really odd before but now is even worse 🙁

  20. hi…..actualy i apply a malaysia malay product wic is the brand is natasya….i used it since 3years plus…but rite now when i want to stop using it,it causes rashes on my whole face n its already goin to b 1mnth im suffrng frm the rashes….actualy i used the natasya night herbal cream..n thy claim it made of 100% herbal…but thn when discontinue it…my face ugly wit rashes n itcyness….so far in tis 1month i went to 4 skin clinics n thy claim tht the cream might contain steroid wic thy cant assure abt it…..i start to use tht product cus my pimples pro…n now my pmples gone,and at same time whnever i apply tht cream it causes skin peeling evryday but yet my skin was so beautiful… tis a steroid sign?….whmever i go clinic the doctor stil give me mild steroid due to the rashes n itcyness…..pls suggest me sumtin plss….n now im using Eucerin DermoPurifyer product range…is it good?….n i worry tht i might turn to dark,hmmmm……its already 1month i stoped use the natasya nite cream n im suffering frm aterible horrible skin rashes…pls hlp me,wat should i do now…….n im applyng turmeric n sandal powder pack for my face to sooth the rashes…….

      1. Hi diya

        Your skin needs to rest and heal, and it cannot do that if you apply more chemicals on it. If the cream you used contained steroids or some other toxic chemical (it sounds like it does), the article already has some advice on how to heal the skin at the bottom that may help you.

        Eucerin is a reputable brand though. It may help when your skin has calmed down.


        1. tanks hessa dear,btw im applyng turmeric as a pack for my face around 3hour during day time n overnite also…is it good dosage?…n my pimples became more red n bumpy,is it normal reaction?

          1. n hessa m goin to use cetaphil uva/uvb defense 50+/28…..wil it cause pimples?im so wryd tht it might contain any harm chemicals….can u let me knw it…tq

          2. Hi diya

            Almost all store-bought and commercial creams will contain a long list of chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. All you need to do is read the label.

            I understand you wanting to try a lot of things as you must be feeling very worried/anxious right now and want your issue to be resolved quickly… but IMO, piling on creams will either make already-damaged and fragile skin worse OR fix one problem and create others in its place.

            And for your question on turmeric — no, it’s not a normal reaction. Turmeric contains curcumin, and on normal skin, it would actually calm inflammation/redness. You should probably stop and let your skin heal first.

          3. owh ok,tq dear hessa…i would stop applying the turmeric thn…but thr is alot of pimples are cuming out dear….n few of thm i just let it go itself but it became red n hard too…hmmmm

  21. hello.. i need a help!
    please tell me what do you think about the argan oil for face? it is better for the dark spots? or any other oil for the face skin.. i have a olive skin and very damage for the sun.. please.. help! my skin have many spots… thank you very much!

  22. Use of creams with steroid is terrible. Been using diproson 4 over 4yrs n now as i try 2 stop th use my face is dry ,itchy n with scales. Pliz ladies avoid skin lightening creams.

  23. Wen l got pregnant l developed a bad rash on my face n after l gave birth sumone recommended extra clair 2 me.l used it bt realised l waz getin lighter so l switched 2 gentle magic bt l paid a price,l waz badly burnt n nw l hev terrible black spots on ma face.l saw a dermatologist n waz prescribed a mixture of salicylic acid,hydroquinone n others bt its nt helpin.pliz help,wat cn l use 2 clear my skin

    1. Steriods creams are dangerous, i used epiderm 4 3months and i developed acne on both cheeks, it was so bad coz evrytme i looked in the mirror i was so disgusted, i googled for acne products and i came across best acne treatment with hydroulic, and garnier salicylic acid used the two in conjuction and it worked well, at first the acne got worse then one day i woke up and the acne had gone, and oh not forgeting the sunscreen now im using himalaya fairness cream with safron and alfalfa to even my skin tone which has drastically improved, saffron is a natural ingredient and wont cause any side effects

  24. Hi…this is nyna and iam 19years old…l hev terrible black spots on my nose due to acne and a sumone recommended for clobetasol propionate and salicylic acid ointment … Iam very much worried if this would cause any damage or irritation on my nose… i need help… can this ointment be right for lightening darkspots…???
    please do reply
    thank you!!!

    1. Hi nyna,

      As mentioned in the article, clobetasol propionate is a steroid and is not safe for use as a skin lightener. Use at your own risk.

  25. i started using the DIVA skin lightening lotion recently. they say its hydroqunique free but it has cause a lot of red bumps on my legs 🙁 the pumbs r small and painful with a little white head 🙁 they r all over my lower legs how do i get rid of them and stop the irritation? although i’ve discontinued use of this product the bumps r still there 🙁

  26. hiya i just wanted to say that after using skin sucess gel plus+ clear essence mixed today i find that my skin has become very soft and my face is senstive. after reading i have stopped so now am using qei+ is working for my body but my face sometimes gets rashes and irritated. i dnt know if is the cause of the precvious cream pr is it this one am using now.
    does qei+have any harmfull ingredients that i need to be aware of.


  27. Hi hessa……I use skin success lotion and I normally mix it with fair n white serum(d blue one witout Vitamin C)I tink its ok for my skin but whenever I stay too long in the sun,ma colour changes abit…under my eyes hz been dark for a while now,so a frnd ask me to mix diproson with ma crm and also ma soap….I’m confused.dunno if I shud mix it….dnt want a very bad side effect…..what do u tink I shud soap is QEI+

  28. Hello,

    Although I feel bad for those who have had issues with their skin, I’m struggling to understand those of you that actually want to lighten your skin or recover the light skin you had as a child? What is the problem with having dark, black skin? Start by loving who you are, you are beautiful. Stop trying to be what you are not. A caucasian born with blond hair doesn’t necessarily have the same blond hair when they grow up nor the fair skin they had as a child, just food for thought.

  29. please my skin was damaged from prolonged use of corticosteroids. I was on corticosteroids because i had a skin condition called vitiligo on my face. How do i rejuvenate please? Would Castor oil help? because i was asked never to allow oils on my face and that i guess included body creams.

    Thanks, Mac

  30. hi i have pimples on my face so i started using kz cream,clobetasol propionate and clotrimazolle cream,closol-g after using it i feel better my douts is that ther will be any side effects by using that creams?/////////

  31. Hi. My name is louise and I am withdrawing from steroid creams after more than 15 years of use. Luckily I found a group of people that are going through the same thing. They discuss the best treatments on the google group at

    Withdrawal is slow and can take a year or more for the skin to recover, but the good news is that it DOES recover. Dr Marvin Rapaport in the USA and Dr Mototsugu Fukaya in Japan have done extensive research on this subject and treated thousands of patients with steroid damaged skin.
    For more information check out the addictedskin website, or google “red skin syndrome”. The only cure is to stay off the steroid creams. Using them causes a rebound effect that causes bad effects to the skin.

  32. people, people, If you having all these problems with your skin why continue the use of these products, I am 47 and I have very orange complexion from drinking water a lot but not too much don’t want to get bloated just when you thirsty, and using rose hip oil for the whole body, please make sure the rose hip oil is organic and to take care of the face is to steam your face with hot water and a white wash cloth don’t put colorful wash cloths on your face also don’t use the same cloth you wash your body with for your face because the bactieria from the body can get on your face , the rose hip oil is for healing and a smooth complexion,and if you want to get lighter skin tone use only 2% hydroquinone which want hurt or kill you,and its is in cream like ambi, or over the counter skin lighterners. Stop using these unkown chemicals on your face and body that these overseas people making it is harmful for our African skin we have very sensitive skin take it from me i look 25 and i am 47 yes” i do i meet men younger than me which i don’t want but the idea that i still look young makes me feel good about myself so heal your skin with rose hip organic oil which you can find in a health food store or online its costy but its worth buying if you care about your skin,take care you guys and if need any advise hit me up i don’t mind helping people.

  33. hi hessa i have msged u once regarding my face problm…..actualy i apply a malaysia malay product wic is the brand is natasya….i used it since 3years plus…but rite now when i want to stop using it,it causes rashes on my whole face n its already goin to b 1year im suffrng frm the rashes….actualy i used the natasya night herbal cream..n thy claim it made of 100% herbal…but thn when discontinue it…my face ugly wit rashes n itcyness….so far in tis 1month i went to 4 skin clinics n thy claim tht the cream might contain hydoquinone or retin A wic thy cant assure abt it N ITS ALREADY BAN…..i start to use tht product cus my pimples pro…n now my pmples gone,and at same time whnever i apply tht cream it causes skin peeling evryday but yet my skin was so beautiful…but now the rashes decrease but wil appear once a while N got alot of pimples now n also my skin ger darker than my body skin,even my neck n hand brighter than face….. so recently i use bio essence tanaka double whitening serum n bio essence tanaka double whitening day cream spf20,alrdy 1week…but the rashes r back,i felt itchy after i apply the day cream n if i apply powder on top the itchyness calm down….but i skip using it for two days n no more rashes appear now…is the bio essence contain hydroquinone?but thy stated it contain arbutin,kojic acid and tanaka n many other herbal as gingko…is bio essence safe?hmm plss reply me hessa

  34. n dear hessa,i went for a beauty salon for consultation…they scan my face skin with some machine tools n claim tht im having very dehydrated skin condition n due tht my skin pump more oil as it needed to protect skin moisture n it lead to pimples….personaly i tought tht m having oily skin n it cause pimples….because whenever i apply any moisturizer my skin get oily n felt to wash face oftenly….but thy ask me to tackle the dehydration problm,thn my skin wil come to balance….wat shall i do..any idea hessa?

  35. diya,, my dermatologist told me dat fair n lovely cntains steroids,,,,, hydroquinon is the best skin lightenin agent with least side effects

    1. hessa pls reply mee…plssss…m waiting…n pls let me knw is kiehl’s prodct safe?such as ultra facial oil free range n blue herbal range?

      1. Yes, Kiehl’s products should be safe. If you do a simple google search, you can see which are the well-known international brands (they are likely to comply with laws and not add banned ingredients).

  36. The is a producT in south africa called “GENTLE MAGIC”. Is it safe? A lot of people using it now has lighter skins. Could it be one of those products containing hidden illegal ingredients? Please help before its too late for some pf my family members

    1. There’s a pretty good answer here.

      Also, when something works too quickly and is very effective in lightening skin, it almost certainly contains banned and dangerous chemical substances. This is in contrast with most safe and allowed skin lightening substances like kojic acid or Vitamin C, which work slowly and has limited effectiveness.

  37. dear hessa…pls suggest me any safe whitening cream….my skin geting darker thn b4 dear after i stop my street sell creams natasya!!!…my face darker than my neck n bdy colour….m frm malaysia nad i have msged u here many time b4

    1. Well, they’re all acids, so safety is relative (depends on usage and concentration). But low concentrations of all three acids are generally safe and non-toxic. They’ll only exfoliate the skin and increase cell turnover. The most you’ll have to watch out for is increased sun sensitivity.

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