Confessions of a fashionista: The perils of skin bleaching

When one of my up-and-coming make up artists pulled out of a high profile designer job this week, I panicked. Her last minute flakiness was not only unprofessional, it was unexpected. 

‘Are you all right?’ I asked.

‘I’m fine, thank you,’ her voice sounded normal over the phone.

‘Is there something going on in your personal life?  Can I help with anything?’

‘No, it’s all fine,’ she replied.

‘Right, so why are you pulling out of this super important job at the last minute?’ 

 ‘I can’t leave the house because I’ve had a skin whitening treatment and it’s gone wrong.’

A skin whitening treatment?  I must have misheard her. She must have said teeth whitening. 

‘It’s burnt my skin,’ she continued. ‘There are black, crusty lumps all over my cheeks and forehead.’

Is it even legal? It ought not to be. She’s so young and pretty.

‘Why did you have it done?’ I stuttered.

‘Because I wanted to have lighter skin,’ she sighed. 

As a make up artist, this girl is skilled and knowledgeable about the illusions the fashion industry conjure—the cleverly applied make up, lighting, photography, air brushing and retouching. She could give a considered opinion on whether a person’s skin had been retouched in a photograph.

It’s tragic to think a young make up artist, who is acquainted with the visual trickery of the industry, still felt the need to try and retouch her real skin.

Extracts from a Daily Mail article (original) by Anonymous. Published 13 March 2012.

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