Where to go for skin lightening

Another fast way to lighten skin with no downtime involved is the intravenous glutathione. Some celebrities even avail of double doses of glutathione with Vitamin C once a week for five straight weeks and maintain with one dose a week then every two weeks when they have reached their desired color. Prices range from P2,500 to P5,500 for a single dose of glutathione with Vitamin C vial. Establishments I have tried are Belo Clinics, Aesthetic Science and Cathy Valencia.

IV Gluta whitens from within before reaching the surface. To speed things up, try body scrubs with bleach or topical solutions from skin whitening clinics which are not safe for pregnant women. Only body scrub minus the bleach and oral glutathione supplements are considered safe for expectant mothers.

Sunblocks with at least SPF 30 must be applied on exposed areas.

Extracts from an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer by Kinny Salas, published 23 July 2009 (original)

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  1. I would like to know this too. Can this method really lighten the skin?? Are there any before and after results of people getting this?

  2. I reside in El Sobrante, Calif. Its about 30-45 min.by car to San Francisco, Bay Bridge, and 20 min. by car to the Carquinez Bridge in Vallejo, CA and 2 exit away from freeway 80 Hercules/Pinole, CA area. (nearby areas, Concord, Oakland, Walnut Creek, and Pittsburgh/Antioch) I am very much interested in the IV Gluthatione/Vitamin C. My sister is RN (nurse) and my daughter is
    a licensed Phlebotomist. Could I have them inject if for me. How much is the complete set and its maintenance. Im fairly light to medium tone and would like to improve my skin color to a lighter tone. I’ve also developed discoloration on my cheek bones and would like to completely wipe it away and the hydroquinon or even flaxen did not do it. Please advise asap. to my email address ceashellsint@aol.com I also contacted Skincare by O, that I’ve seen in filipino channel (TFC) too far w/in reach for me to go there every week. (6-8 hours away from where I am.) Thank You, Shelly

  3. Is only vitamin c tablets are essential to make our skin light????
    If yes, then how many tablets we have to take in a day?

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