Video: Chinese detergent commercial shows a black man being washed clean into an Asian man

A detergent commercial in China has sparked criticism as it depicts a woman throwing a black man into a washing machine. After a wash and a tumble, he comes out as a light-skinned Asian man, to the woman’s obvious delight. Oddly, this racist ad was actually based on a detergent commercial in Italy that showed the opposite happening. Reverse racism, anyone?

Video: Chika Okoro’s TEDx Talk – Confessions of a “D Girl”

Stanford Graduate Business School student Chika Okoro talks about colorism and challenging the status quo. Okoro tells us how she copes, and what we can do to unlearn this deep rooted, destructive mindset. The term “D Girl” comes from the leaked casting call sheet for the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ movie.